Comic-Con 2014: ‘Archer’ Season 6 Details Revealed

"Archer" Screening And Q&A - Comic-Con International 2014

Archer, the tongue-in-cheek FX animated espionage series is approaching its 6th season, this year. Executive producer Adam Reed and company gave fans much to look forward to at this year’s Comic-Con with a screening of the first episode of the never-before-seen season. Learn about the premiere episode and other Season 6 news after the jump. 

If the episode screened at the panel is any indication, this coming season will be full of twists and turns as well as a return to the show’s old formula of colorful characters accented by ISIS hijinks. Pam has become confident with her often ridiculed full-figure, Cheryl/Carol/Cherlene seems to have shed her country music star status to return to her secretarial position at ISIS, and Lana reveals a softer, maternal side as she cares for her newborn baby, Abigene.

With an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Animated Program” and a renewal for a 7th season already under their belts, the cast of Archer doesn’t seem to be losing steam despite mixed reactions from fans concerning last season’s “Archer Vice.” The Archer Vice story arc followed ISIS personnel as they learned that Mallory Archer has been conducting illegal espionage operations without consent from the U.S. government. Due to this discovery, the ISIS employees found themselves in ridiculous scenarios (such as illegal arms dealing, money laundering, and selling cocaine to the yakuza), which allowed Adam Reed to push the limits of his already controversial show. The season proved to be incredibly eventful, with dramatic developments for nearly every character in the show; from Cherlene’s newfound country singing career, Pam’s cocaine addiction, and Lana’s pregnancy. This storyline made for an eye-catching and gimmicky season which left some ardent Archer viewers dissatisfied.

One of the biggest changes to the new season of Archer is the end of Archer Vice. During the panel, Reed described Archer Vice as a “vacation” from the show’s usual happenings. Reed points out, that much like the action shows of the ’80s, that Archer Vice is emulating, each episode is its own story and eliminates the need to be caught up on previous episodes. Now that Archer Vice is coming to a close, there will be a resurgence of linear storytelling. This means that the cast of characters will need to deal with the consequences of their Archer Vice antics.

From what was discussed during the panel, we can expect the disbanded ISIS agency to be reestablished, Lana trying to reconcile with the father of her baby (which I won’t spoil for those that still need to be caught up on season 5); and Pam overcoming her cocaine addiction, returning to her previously plump figure that we all know and love.

Archer airs Mondays at 10:00 PM on the FX Network. Season 6 will premiere in 2015 on a date that has yet to be determined.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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