Win Taco Bell for Life Contest 2014

Just like Willy Wonka, Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time wants you to find 11 golden tickets in the form of dollar bills and you could win a lifetime* supply of Taco Bell. The hunt for The Eleven Everlasting Dollars started on August 26 in Los Angeles. And if you’re lucky enough to find one of the random $1 bills Harley has planted throughout the U.S. you could win. Learn more after the break.

*Prize awarded as $10,000 in Taco Bell gift cards. This number is based on an average consumption ($216 per year) of for 46 years.

What I find funny about this contest is that Taco Bell assumes a lifetime is only 46 years after I have found this dollar bill, and that they assume I will spend $216 per year when I win. Boy could they not be more wrong. When I find this dollar bill, I will be eating at least $1,000 worth of Taco Bell, obtain diabetes, and live for only 10 more years. And that’s if I’m lucky.

Here are the serial numbers for the dollar dollar bills y’all:

  • Los Angeles, CA – B 88070217 I
  • Chicago, ILK 45754943 H
  • Nashville, TNF 31303867 L
  • Detroit, MI – J 02576222 G

Here’s what you could get with that $10,000 Taco Bell gift card (assuming we lived in a world without sales tax): 6,711 Supreme Tacos; or 5,586 Supreme Cool Ranch Doritios Loco Tacos; or 3,717 Burrito Supremes; or 3,460 Supreme Chicken Chalupas; or 2,865 Steak Quesadillas; or 10,101 orders of Cinnamon Twists; or 8,403 Caramel Apple Empanadas; or 2,004 Steak Cantina Bowls; or 5,025 40 oz Mountain Dew Baja Blasts. (All prices gathered from

Estimated odds are 1:2,400,000,000. To put that in perspective, the odds of winning the lottery is 1:259,000,000. How that makes sense beats me. I can only imagine the less people who know about this sweepstakes the less likely someone is going to win. My guess is that these dollar bills have been planted in a Taco Bell location and those who eat there are more than likely going to pick up one of these hot tickets. Whether they realize they’ve won is solely on how well Taco Bell can market this campaign and the person going through the effort to see if they have won.

Keep on checking back at the official site,, to find out what cities have been visited. You also need to go to that site if you win to see where you mail the George Washington to. This promotion ends on October 5 or whenever all the prizes have been claimed, whichever occurs first. There will also be an entry period for the Second Chance Drawing Sweepstakes beginning on October 15 and ends October 21.

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Source: Taco Bell

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