Selfie-Sticks Banned at Disney Theme Parks and San Diego Comic-Con

Corporations have now reached their breaking point as the ever-growing popularity of selfies have rubbed the House of Mouse the wrong way. With a mighty decree that parted the heavens, overlooking the swamp lands of Florida, Disney World has officially placed a ban on selfie-sticks.

The happiest place on Earth may become a little happier as park patrons will no longer have to avoid getting hit by long metal poles. More so, the cause of concern at Disney World is the potential of risk as Kim Prunty, a spokeswoman from the park explains,

“We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie-sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast.”

The Los Angeles Times reports this issue has been a hot issue at Disney. As a precaution to the growing risk, signs prohibiting selfie-sticks have been up at parks for particular rides. But only recently there was an incident that caused a roller coaster to stop for an hour due to a brilliant passenger pulling out a selfie-stick while riding on the attraction.

The ban at Disneyland Resort and Disney World theme parks will take into effect this Tuesday, June 30, which also covers Disney World water parks and DisneyQuest, an attraction at Downtown Disney. Tourists to Disney parks in Paris and Hong Kong will have an extra day to indulge in extended narcissism with the ban going into effect on July 1.

Similarly, over the past weekend, Comic-Con International issued a proclamation stating the ban of selfie-sticks on the show floor or anywhere on official San Diego Comic-Con events outside the convention center. As one of the largest, yearly gatherings of pop culture fans in the world, their cause of concern is valid as the congestion continues to worsen every year. Along with the selfie-stick ban, drones, flying devices, E-cigarettes, vaping products, and other smoking devices will not be allowed.

Here’s the official statement:

“We know you want that perfect photo of yourself and the gang at Comic-Con and your arms just aren’t long enough, but please be aware that selfie sticks, GoPro poles, or any device that extends your camera or phone away from your hand, are not allowed at Comic-Con. With so many people in attendance, protruding cameras or phones sticking up in the air are a definite hazard. If you’re caught with a selfie stick, you will be asked by security to put it away and not use it at Comic-Con. This includes all of the Convention Center: Exhibit Hall, Programming and Event rooms, etc., and on Convention Center grounds outside, and any official Comic-Con events outside the Center, including the Marriott Marquis, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, and Omni San Diego hotels, the Horton Grand Theatre, and the San Diego Central Library.”

Source: Comic-Con International / LA Times
Art created by Anderson Mahanski

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