Duty Calls in the ‘Archer’ Season 6 Teaser Trailer

'Archer' Season 6 Teaser Trailer

Fans have a lot to be excited about for the upcoming season of Archer. Now in its 6th season, everyone’s favorite animated ragtag spy team will be back. The first trailer for the sixth season has found its way online. Hit the jump to catch up on what antics everyone’s favorite spy is up to.

Many fans were not very amused about the last season’s storyline, which followed the disbanding of the ISIS spy agency (or rather, former ISIS spy agency) and the members’ short lived careers as cocaine dealers and money launderers. This resulted in many unrelated spy hijinks reminiscent of ’80s TV dramas. To drive the point home, the show was even renamed Archer Vice for the entirety of season 5.

However, the recently released Archer season 6 teaser trailer depicts the entire team getting a call while departing from all of their current projects. Despite the absence of dialogue in the teaser, the song that was provided was the song, “Black Betty” by Ram Jam.

The trailer gives a sense of urgency, as we see all of the former spy agency members “abandoning their posts” in order to team up, again. Some of the images seen are Lana setting down her newborn baby (whose name was revealed last season to be “Abijean”) and Cheryl/Carol setting all of her country albums on fire after her attempted career as a country singer failed. (While “Cherlene’s” debut album did go platinum, fans may remember that this was made possible by the dictator of San Marcos purchasing every copy, thereby rendering any possible fan base nonexistent.) This was perhaps all for the best since spy agency accountant Cyril Figgis was last seen drunk with power after becoming the new president of San Marcos and leading the the San Marcos military to victory due to his Warhammer gameplay prowess.

Season 6 of Archer will premiere on January 19th on FX. You can check out my thoughts on the Season 6 premiere episode from this year’s Comic-Con.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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