WonderCon 2015: What Does the Cast of ‘Unfriended’ Fear Most About Social Media?

WonderCon 2015 Unfriended Cast Q and A

In Blumhouse Productions’ upcoming low-budget horror film, Unfriended finds a group of teens literally cyber-attacked by an unknown entity seeking revenge for something they may or may not have posted online. With many of today’s first world problems and humble brags, some believe that there could not be anything more terrifying than to lose your privacy to the Internet. Following their WonderCon panel this weekend, I had the opportunity to sit down with the cast of Unfriended to discuss what they fear about social media and online culture. Continue reading

First ‘Unfriended’ Trailer Conjures Cybernatural Horror [80 Screenshots]

Unfriended Movie Screenshot Heather Sossaman Laura Barns 6

Last summer, Blumhouse Productions premiered a little horror film at Fantasia Fest, at the time entitled Cybernatural. Since then it was picked up by Universal and retitled Unfriended. Set for an April 17 release, the next trend in low-budget horror may be upon us. Taking place primarily over a Skype video chat, Unfriended looks to change the way we view social media. Watch the first trailer after the break. Continue reading