‘The Age of Adaline’ Trailer Presents Eternal Heartache and Romance [99 Screenshots]

The Age of Adaline Movie Screenshot Blake Lively Michiel Huisman Ellis 2

Lionsgate’s first trailer for The Age of Adaline starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford has presented itself as a “timeless” romance. Spanning across over 100 years, the story revolves around a woman who has the extraordinary gift to never age. How does she cope? By throwing shade at her would-be suitors. Can Adaline learn to lower her guard to accept love? Watch the trailer after the break. Continue reading

The Official Trailer for ‘The Green Lantern’

This trailer has been up for a while now, a week tops, but I finally got to posting it. Sue me, I’ve been busy. But anyways, here it is. The official ‘The Green Lantern’ trailer has been released. I have it hear in HD and in English. So hah, that’s what I can give you for waiting. The trailer is courtesy of YouTube, courtesy of Apple.com.

This trailer makes the film look like a lot of fun while Ryan Reynolds does his thing. You gotta let Reynolds do his thing, it’s Ryan freaking Reynolds, look at those abs. The Green Lantern also stars the lovely Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Jay O. Sanders, Temuera Morrison, Taika Waititi, Jon Tenney, Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins and directed by Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale).


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Christopher Nolan Searches for Leading Ladies

The rumor mill keeps churning on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. What is a Batman film without a love interest? Even better, what is a Batman film without a villain? Deadline claims that sources are telling them that Christopher Nolan will be meeting with six lovely ladies to fill in additional roles to the growing cast of his third Batman project. One of these ladies will become a love interest and one will portray a villain.

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