Humanity Fights Back in ‘Pacific Rim’ Announcement Trailer

Pacific Rim Trailer Announcement

If transforming automatons, fighting a never ending battle of good versus evil is not satisfying enough, than how about director Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, a tale of skyscraper sized aliens and robots. In this original sci-fi, actionadventure flick, humanity has reached its last stand when threatening creatures do not come from the stars, they arise from our oceans. Check out the first full trailer for Pacific Rim after the jump. Continue reading

Official Trailer: Boondock SaintsII: All Saints Day

Although I dislike Boondock Saints, I am willing to show the new trailer to it’s sequel that was released sometime around the past week. I probably won’t go see this, but it is getting lots of hype. The first movie is just so overhyped and praised as some god like work. It is nothing special. This movie will also be overhyped. But go ahead and watch the trailer. From what I’ve heard, it’s stuppose to focus on the back story of the old man and continue to follow the brothers on their killing sprees. This film is set to release on October 30 of this year. yeehaw………