TeeHee: Lost vs. Avatar

The “comic” strip basically explains it all. It has been flooding the Internets and taking it by storm. It is quite hilarious and I guess you might need to watch Lost to understand this, but maybe not? Just ask a Lost nerd to explain it to you if you can’t understand:

T-He: Bacon, Mascot Fail, and Zorbees Dub

Some funny videos to pass your time.

Mad X-Men

A fun little crossover with Mad Men and The X-Men. With main characters Don, Betty, Cooper and Sterling crossing over with great mutant characters.  Go here – official link – to get a larger view.



An Assortment of Amusing Images

Found these funny little things that amuse ME. Maybe you might find them hilarious……… do you? Maybe? Click on them to enlargeeeeeeee

Sorority Row: Upholding It’s Duty To Fulfill Greek Stereotypes

Greek life stereotypes are just absolutely hilarious and the new horror film, Sorority Row, upholds this stereotype ten fold. This viral video marketing on Myspace is just absotultey ridiculous; Jessica (Leah Pipes) shows us the bonds of sisterhood within Theta Pi and as you can tell they uphold the highest quality and standards of womanhood. I’m not even sure if I could take this movie seriously. I’m sure it will have great sex appeal and Carrie Fisher as a house mom, but this movie will be as good as Black X-mas………which was awfully bad, but in a good way because it was some how entertaining?

Sprite Can Be Sexy? Yeah, I Suppose……


Today, I stumbled upon a few banned German Sprite ads that are pretty suggestive aka hilarious. You can obviously tell why it is banned, but hey, it’s pretty funny. Once again, the old saying goes, ‘sex sells,’ but perhaps some people might turn away from the idea of a Spirte money shot? Just take a look:

Due to so much copyright infringement I took some ad stills so you can see it in photos, after the jump:

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Harry Potter Rhyme Slayer Battles MC Voldemort

Harry Potter rap

With this Potter hype comes a Harry Potter Rap Battle, an original short by Indy Mogul. The Chosen One battles the Dark Lord in this ultimate battle of rhyme. Who will win this epic battle of words and rhythm, you’ll just have to watch and find out……

2012: It's A Disaster

I love attempts at taking movie trailers and redubbing them with different music that totally swings the trailer into a new direction. This is a perfect example of that said redub. Here is Roland Emmerich’s 2012 with a 80’s porn/grindhouse feel?

The Literal Translation of Winnie The Pooh

winnie the pooh

This is probably one of the greatest pictures I’ve ever seen that was screen printed on a T-shirt on Threadless. It is pretty accurate; have you ever thought of the real world Winnie the Pooh, well this shirt design pretty much sums it up.

This Happens To Me All The Time

There is the coolest video that was brought to my attention called, Alarm. Director Moo-hyun Jang, from South Korea, has created this beautiful computer animated short film that just amazes me. It’s a short little 9 minute animation and im pretty sure this just happened to me today. Watch this cool little video I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it; at the least you’ll just be in awe how amazing it looks: