the dark crystal age of resistance netflix teaser trailer

Netflix has unleashed its first look of its ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ prequel series in partnership with the Jim Henson Company Continue reading

New Trailer ‘Now You See Me’ Gives a Closer Look (63 Screenshots)

Now You See Me Movie Trailer Screenshot Atlas

Either Now You See Me will be a truly enjoyable hit or this trailer is pulling one on us. A new full-length trailer has debuted for the Louis Leterrier’s “magical” heist movie. Although it delivers many of the same clips from the first teaser trailer, it expands a little further as to how Mark Ruffalo fits in to all of this. Watch the all new theatrical trailer for Now You Seem Me and see if you can unveil the truth. Continue reading

Clash of the Titans Teaser Trailer

Picture 1

Apparently Titans Will Clash in this new epic trailer of Clash of the Titans. It looks decent, but this type of emocore The Used music is unnecessary for this kind of film. I also think they showed too much special effects and didn’t save enough for the film. I wish they kind of hid more of what’s to come and changed the tag line. But go ahead and take a look at yourself. Trailer after the jump:

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