SDFF 2013 Review: ‘Watercolor Postcards’ is a Colorless, Overstuffed, and Meandering Bore

SDFF 2013 Review Watercolor Postcards

Piñatas are fun. They’re stuffed to the brim with treats, and when they’ve been smacked around a few times out comes the goodies. They are fragile enough so that they may be broken down, but some are more intricately made to look more appealing than others. Such is with films. Stuff a movie to the brim and it may burst if not treated with proper direction and care. Watercolor Postcards is jam packed, full of stereotypical small town woes that never truly finds its feet, beating itself up in the process and yet offers nothing of value. Continue reading

SDFF 2013 Review: ‘The Republic of Two’ is as Messy as the Relationship it Depicts

The Republic of Two San Diego Fillm Festival 2013

Relationships require work from both sides, if one doesn’t put in the time or effort the whole thing can come crashing down. And to depict one on the big screen, work needs to be put in or else it will feel unrealistic and make for a disastrous experience for your audience. Written and directed by Shaun Kostas, his first feature length film, The Republic of Two struggles to create something honest out of a situation many can relate to. Continue reading

SDFF 2013 Review: ‘This Thing with Sarah’ is a Familiar, Comedic Glance at Love

'This Thing with Sarah' San Diego Film Festival 2013 Review

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. And in the case, This Thing with Sarah borrows many tricks from films such as (500) Days of Summer, Friends with Benefitsand No Strings Attached. As similar as the premise of each of these movies may be, This Thing with Sarah does an adequate job at approaching the subject matter with fresh eyes.  Continue reading

San Diego Film Festival 2013 Scheduled Features

San Diego Film Festival 2013 Features Schedule

The 2013 San Diego Film Festival begins today, Wednesday, October 2. With the surprise announcement of 12 Years a Slave as the opening night film, this looks to be one of the biggest, most anticipated SDFFs in awhile. Although many of the films submitted are from relatively unknown filmmakers, Judd Apatow will be honored for his work (The 40 Year Old Virgin; Funny People; Knocked Up). After the jump, check out the full schedule of movies you can expect to find this year at the San Diego Film Festival. Continue reading