Fox Searchlight Pictures 20th Anniversary Collection Arrives December 9

Fox Searchlight 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set

Where does the time go? How can Fox Searchlight be celebrating 20 years already? From Garden State to Juno to Black Swan, Fox Searchlight has produced some of the best indie pictures around. And on December 9 you can own 20 of them in an impressive Blu-ray Anniversary Collection. After the jump, find out which iconic films will be included as well as other exclusives. Continue reading

(500) Days of Britta

One of my most favorite movies ever to watch over and over again would have to be (500) Days of Summer. Recently, I have come to appreciate and love, the somewhat of a sleeper hit, but more under-appreciated NBC comedy, Community. If you put them both together you come up with an awesome little parody trailer for a fictional movie (500) Days of Britta. If you are unfamiliar with the movie (500) Days of Summer or Community, well, YOU BETTER GET ON IT! But in all seriousness folks, (500) Days of Summer is a great movie about love and loss between a couple and Community has a pair of interestingly fun characters who always have some sort of sexual tension, especially in the first season, Jeff and Britta. After the jump catch the great fan made trailer by YouTube user, !

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Nostalgia: 15 Years of Fox Searchlight

Established in 1994, Fox Searchlight has released many memorable films that have stuck with movie goers for over the past 15 years. Specializing in independent and British films, along with dabbling in horror, dramedies, and a few foreign films, Fox Searchlight has brought us some of the most personable characters and inspiring moments in cinematic history. From releases to The Full Monty, Slumdog Millionaire, Juno, Garden State and many more, Fox Searchlight asked Kees van Dijkhuizen, a video editor who has created other montages looking back at film from 2008 and 2009, to develop a short video showcasing their works over the past 15 years. You can check the nostalgic video after the jump along with another video created by another film fanatic as well.

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T-He: (500) Days of Summer as a Thriller?

The guys at Scott Productions decided to recut scenes from the great indie rom/com (500) Days of Summer and infuse it with music from Inception trailer to make a totally believable thriller. Zack Hemsey’s ‘Mind Heist,’ from the latest Inception trailer makes this trailer recut into something at the same time brilliant and funny due to the context of the film. I believe that it sort of loses its spark near the end of the video, but it still is a must see if you like (500) Days of Summer. Check out the recut (500) Days of Summer thriller redub after the jump!

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Movie Quote of the Day

Too busy watching the Lost series finale last night to post anything, so here is the Movie Quote of the Day from a little romantic dramedy that I rank pretty high as one of my favorite films of all time.

Summer: We’ve been like Sid and Nancy for months now.

Tom: Summer, Sid stabbed Nancy, seven times with a kitchen knife, I mean we have some disagreements but I hardly think I’m Sid Vicious.

Summer: No I’m Sid.

Tom: Oh, so I’m Nancy…

My Best & Worst Films of 2009

Now I have not seen allll the films of 2009, but I have seen a great many this year. The year of 2009 has been a great year for film in all ranges of the category from cinematography, directing, writing and beyond. This year will be remembered for a long time to me as it was the year I gained this hobby/love interest of film. I wish I could have seen every film I wanted to this year as it would probably change my list, but we all can’t afford to see that many movies. Continue after the jump to see my picks for my best and worst of 2009:
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Review: (500) Days of Summer

film review small

“This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know up front, this is not a love story.”

(500) Days of Summer is not your typical linear storyline; it is beautifully told within a series of events between the 500-day relationship of Tom Hanson (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a greeting card copywriter living in Los Angeles and Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), the newly appointed secretary of Tom’s boss. Chronological order is disregarded from the very beginning, while throughout the movie we travel back and forth in time putting all the pieces together. This misguidance of time gives a fresh face in the calamity of stereotypical romantic comedies seen these past few years. Sometimes we don’t always explore time in a particular order, but as a series of events that have happened the way you want to see them and this film takes you through that journey.

Tom meets Summer when she is introduced as the boss’ assistant and instantly falls in love. The further we venture into their lives the more complicated the relationship becomes. At the beginning of the film, Summer tells Tom that they should stop seeing each other, which comes as more of a shock than he wants to believe. From here, Tom starts his mission to try and win her back, but in the process he learns more about himself and his relationship than he first thought was possible.

Summer is the embodiment of tireless hours that men have struggled over to figure out the ultimate mystery of the world, women. First time film director, Marc Webb, fully understands the emotions of Tom and Summer and takes this small indie story to a more personal level. Most romantic comedies only dream to achieve a sense of real characters that you can relate to, which (500) Days of Summer have captured elegantly. Sometime throughout our lives we have either been a “Summer” or a “Tom” and Webb’s direction places this familiarity on the viewer, which brings you into the situations more personally.

As a music video director, Webb is very familiar with encompassing the right tone of visual elements while complimenting music. Music plays a big role in the film’s emotional settings and it even has a brilliant dance number. Webb uses many interesting filming techniques that he incorporates well as part of the story. The color blue also plays an important role in this film as Webb creates a very playful use of the color planting it into your mind whenever Summer is or is not present. Visually this film is also beautifully shot, with some of the frames feeling almost photographic and monochromatic.

Filled with cute witty dialogue, that could only be found in a post Diablo Cody’s “Juno” era, (500) Days of Summer flirts with your emotions while you root for our hero Tom. Comedic, moving, and musically inclined, (500) Days of Summer hits all the right notes for a fun and clever must see story. Something entirely different comes out of this film and is captured wonderfully by Marc Webb. The movie skews your perception of time and events, but that never takes away from the excellent on screen chemistry of Gordon-Levitt and Deschanel.

If you are looking for a romantic, moral driven, happy ending, you should walk in the other direction. (500) Days of Summer is not your typical Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy, this film requires you to get involved with these characters and join in on this tale of boy meets girl.

I give it: 5/5

500 days of summer

Box Office Battlefield: ‘(500) Days of Summer’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’

battle field

Heyooo, weekend update with the movies you should see:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – This is pretty self explanatory. I actually caught up and watched all of the Harry Potters and I’d have to admit that I wouldn’t mind watching this one. Looks dark, more mature, and better than the earlier movies.

(500) Days of Summer (Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon Levitt) – A love movie not about love? I really want to see this movie. Based on the trailer, it has good actors, comedy, a sweet story, and maybe good romance? Although this film is limited to certain theaters, try your damndest to go out and watch this flick. I bet it won’t disappoint.

Go See ‘(500) Days of Summer’ and ‘Paper Heart’

Two fun indie romance comedies of the summer

(500) Days of Summer – July 17

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel

Paper Heart – August 7

Michael Cera, Charlyne Yi, Demetri Martin, and Seth Rogen

Most Anticipated Movies of the Summer of 2009

Since I have been very engulfed with the film industry lately,
movies, and what not, I have compiled a list of those in which
I have high hopes of coming out in the near future and beyond!

June –

5 – The Hangover

12 – Moon

19 – Year One / The Proposal (I like Ryan Reynolds and this looks funny)

24 – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (I believe will make the most money of the summer, no bias)

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