BBC One Teases First Image of ‘Sherlock’ 2015 Christmas Special

BBC One Sherlock 2015 Christmas Special

BBC One has released the first image of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson in the upcoming Sherlock special coming out next December. Dressed to the nines, the bad boys of Baker Street will be at it again before their fourth series debuts in 2016. Co-creator Mark Gatiss also teased a special something something, which you can find after the break. Continue reading

The Season 8 Trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ Appears During World Cup

BBC Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer

This past Sunday during the FIFA World Cup, Doctor Who fans rejoiced with the first released trailer for the upcoming season 8, airing on August 23rd. Those eagerly anticipating a host of new and old faces to return were not disappointed. After the jump, see what Stephen Moffat and the BBC team have in store for the new season of Doctor Who. Continue reading