Neato: Welcome to The Lord of the Rings: Middle-Lego-Earth

These days there is a convention for everything: robots, food, porn, comics, and even furries. Let me take you into the land of BrickWorld where everything LEGO is possible. LEGO is THE toy that allows you to create anything imaginable (see LEGO Sniper Rifle). A group of people put together a massive collaborative effort for this year’s BrickWorld 2011 convention in Wheeling, IL. They brought into fruition almost every element of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and built Middle-Earth brick by brick. It is almost inconceivable how amazing these models are. Chris Phipson wrote about this epic project at MOCpages, a site where you can share your LEGO creations to the world. You can check out a lot of his and other’s collaborative work after the jump!
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How many times do you think you have heard the phrase, “Get out of there!” in film? Probably a lot more than you think. The guys at, Pajiba, wanted you to know, “Get Outta There” awareness. After watching this video, the phrase will stick out more than you know!