Revenge of the Fallen Has Fallen A Tad Short


So the 5 day weekend for the epic throw up that is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has come to a close. The results are in and it falls short of the domestic 5 day box office records, which is held by the Dark Knight with $203.8 million. Transformers fell short with a measily $201.2 million, snap, so close, but at least quality prevails in this epic battle. But this has proven to be the highest grossing worst rated film ever. With the calculations of the overseas box offices, the total count comes to a little over $400 million. This battle between critics and box office ratings proves that critics views have no effect on the public as ROTF has gained more money than predicted. It also broke the IMAX box office record for an opening, but with so many IMAX screens popping up, the number becomes a tad useless. Will this push Paramount and Michael Bay to shoot for a 2011 date or will Bay stick to his 2012 date? Will Michael Bay even do the third, or even Orci and Kurtzman? WHO KNOWS?!?!? Let’s hope there is another writers strike and the next movie has robots having sex, might as well just add both of Bay’s elements together to make another pile of crap that makes more money than you do in your lifetime….

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