Critiquing The Super Bowl 45 Commericals (Live Updates)

Today, Sunday, February 6, 2011, is the biggest day for the NFL all year, but also one of the biggest days for television  commercials as well. I’m going to be paying close attention to each ad and judge them based on a few factors: the entertainment value, creative originality,  and the effectiveness of the message. Hopefully this year the agencies and in-house creatives have stepped up their game as last year wasn’t anything to special. Let the commercials begin! Check out the ads after the break!

You can view all of the 2011 Super Bowl Ads Here: And check out my Full Opinion on the best and worst.

Commercial: Cuba Gooding Jr. Groupon Pregame Commercial

Entertainment Value: Nothing funny. It was just more informative. I don’t think anyone cared.

Creativeness: For one of the first commercials Groupon has ever done, it was enjoyable, but nothing special.

Effectiveness: Being one of the largest viewed events of the year and Groupon being one of the largest growing companies of the past year, this should ad should help push its reach right to the top.

Commercial: Just Go With It (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: I find no enjoyment in Adam Sandler trailers these days. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Creativeness: Nut shots and Adam Sandler yelling is pretty standard these days. Nothing too original.

Effectiveness: It showed a few new shots of what may be funny, but it’s an Adam Sandler movie, people have already made up their mind whether they wanted to see it after the first three seconds.

Commercial:  Battle: Los Angeles (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Thrilling. Still mysterious. A lot like District 9’s set-up.

Creativeness: Quick shots. Aliens hardly shown to kept interest. Tons of action. Your standard action trailer, but still looks quite entertaining for one of the many alien movies this year.

Effectiveness: Many folks might not know about this movie yet and they’ll see action, explosions and Aaron Eckhart so I think this movie is wide out in the open for you to put an opinion on it.

Commercial: Kung Fu Panda 2 (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Fun, playful, lots of action, and had a familiar song to get you pumped.

Creativeness: Cute, but potentially racist play on words? I have no beef, but it was nothing too special. I am just going to wait to see the theatrical trailer to give my full opinion about the movie.

Effectiveness: This will definitely get the kids excited for the movie and probably forever scar the history of Queen. This probably had no effect on anyone unless they are fans of the first movie.

Commercial: McDonalds Bear Report Card

Entertainment Value: Adorably enjoyable to watch.

Creativeness: Acknowledging that fry at the bottom of the bag was a nice touch. Animals are always great for a Super Bowl commercial and this one played out to be funny.

Effectiveness: Using a family niche on the fast food chain was clever, but it’s McDonalds, it doesn’t have to promote itself, but it still had some entertainment value.

Commercial: Living Social Feeling Free Cross Dress

Entertainment Value: Unique in a funny way.

Creativeness: Strange twist with the cross dresser was a interesting route to promote your group buying Website. It was baffling in more of a, “why would a brand put themselves in that odd situation?” sorta thing.

Effectiveness: Not quite informative, but to compete against Groupon in the Super Bowl was a pretty good decision, especially after their giant deal.

Commercial: Bud Light Hack Job

Entertainment Value: Enjoyable and funny from a male perspective.

Creativeness: “Clearly it’s a room people want to hang out in.” With all the popularity of lame home improvement shows, this BL ad puts a nice satirical swing to it.

Effectiveness: Hammering in that Bud Light is a party beer again or what most of the Bud Light commercials typically display.

Commercial: Doritos Dog Smashes Through Door

Entertainment Value: Cute when what you predict will happen happens. But the dog in slow motion didn’t have any build to the climax.

Creativeness: Predictable. The dog and the door looked horribly animated.

Effectiveness: Doritos are desirable, we get it. What else can you show us about your product?

Commercial: Audi Luxury Prison

Entertainment Value: Great. Kept you guessing what the product would be for.  Kenny G. was a nice gag. But nothing to LOL about.

Creativeness: “Escape the confines of old luxury.” Good tagline mixed with an inventive production value. The rich people trapped was funny.

Effectiveness: I think the tagline has more effectiveness on the overall product that drove home the visuals. A decently effective message.

Commercial: Dorito’s Finger Licking Good Guy

Entertainment Value: Creepy yet enjoyable. Short, but sweet.

Creativeness: I feel like this has been done before with Doritos, or perhaps Cheetos?

Effectiveness: People might think twice about where they wipe their hands after they eat Doritos next? Chip commercials are basically just for entertainment value.

Commercial: Chevy Cruze Eco Old Folks Home

Entertainment Value: What you thought was going to be a standard car ad turned to an entertaining ploy with old people.

Creativeness: To use old people to bring the audience information due to bad hearing was inventive.

Effectiveness: Informative in a fun way, which put more focus on what they were saying rather than what was going on.

Commercial: Pepsi Max Girlfriend Diet Watcher

Entertainment Value: The best part was the last 5 seconds.

Creativeness: Good use of how PM can be utilized as a diet tool, puts familiarity toward relationships and dieting.

Effectiveness: An old commercial seen previously on TV. But still informative in a diet sense none-the-less.

Commercial: Bud Light Product Placement Commercial

Entertainment Value: Very relatable to a point where they made product placement fun.

Creativeness: Clever to see more and more BL logos being added throughout the ad.

Effectiveness: It sure harnessed the power of driving the logo into your mind as  product placement typically tries to do.

Commercial: Chevy Silverado “Lassie”

Entertainment Value: So-so funny.

Creativeness: Clever. Interesting use of how to utilize the truck. All it did was capitalize on a known franchise for nostalgic value.

Effectiveness: Doesn’t do too much other than promote potential reliability and maybe it tells you it is as dependable as Lassie.

Commercial: Fast Five (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Flashy, another sequel, what more can you enjoy about this?

Creativeness: None, none at all. Its the fifth in the franchise. They have no souls anymore.

Effectiveness: You decided to see this movie as soon as you saw the rice rocket.

Commercial: Pepsi Max GDI VS Frat Boys

Entertainment Value: After reading for a few months, this was enjoyable, except the part when the geed overcame the frat boys.

Creativeness: Not really creative, but it was ok.

Effectiveness: Not really sure where the Pepsi Max plays into the story of the commercial, but whatever.

Commercial: Doritos Fix All Problems

Entertainment Value: Best Doritos commercial so far.

Creativeness: This was pretty funny. Especially that they are showing Doritos now have magical powers. The ending was great.

Effectiveness: It gave me a good laugh. But again, food commercials only go so far, especially for an established brand.

Commercial: Hyundai Hypnotize

Entertainment Value: Kind of hypnotizing? NOT. I wouldn’t want to see it again.

Creativeness: Utilizes slight subliminal messaging to drive the point in, but it was not creative at all. It was pretty amateur.

Effectiveness: I bet this had no effect on anyone else too.

Commercial: Cowboy and Aliens (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Very nice. Really showed a lot more than the past teaser trailer. It kept me interested the whole way through.

Creativeness: Really good use of action, adventure, Harrison Ford, and what we can expect while not really showing any aliens. They showed significantly a lot more, which really sparked more interest.

Effectiveness: I think this spot created a lot of buzz for this movie in a war of sequels we will see this summer. So I think now this movie might have a fighting chance against some established brands. Or it hurt its chances for being on the more ludicrous fantastical story that it is. I’m still way down to see it.

Commercial: Kia Optima One Epic Ride “Desire?”

Entertainment Value: Biggest ride so far. Truly was epic to see. Adventurous.

Creativeness: Puts the Kia Optima in the light of something epic and desirable.

Effectiveness: Throws a car into something more than just an informative ad. It relied more on creative, but it got the point across.

Commercial: Brisk Eminem Cameo

Entertainment Value: Really good to watch, Eminem was so-so.

Creativeness: “See that’s why I don’t do commercials” = STUPID. Good production value on the claymation though.

Effectiveness: If you hate Eminem, I think Brisk lost a lot of consumers. That line at the end was just really dumb.

Commercial: Bridgestone “Reply All E-mail”

Entertainment Value: Uninteresting. Not funny at all.

Creativeness: Showed more about some guy worried about his e-mail than the tires. It may show dependability to get you where you need to go in a tight spot, but it didn’t really make me care.

Effectiveness: It’s a tire commercial. They are sooooo interesting……

Commercial: Chevy Volt

Entertainment Value: Nothing to shriek about.

Creativeness: A clever use of historical dates, but hardly could be considered to utilize the Volts usefulness.

Effectiveness: None, it didn’t really inform. The Volt needs to be informative to prove that you should go electric.

Commercial: Go Daddy “.co” New Domain Girl – Joan Rivers

Entertainment Value: It’s a GD commercial, only they can go so far, yet the end was funny and unexpected.

Creativeness: Actually took you into something unexpected from a long line of Go Daddy girls, which was quite creative for them.

Effectiveness: It might make you not want to go to because who wants to see Joan Rivers?

Commercial: Budweiser Western Tiny Dancer

Entertainment Value: Very cinematic. Great production value. Entertaining. Puts you in the moment we’ve all been in while drinking.

Creativeness: Not entirely creative, but really great production.

Effectiveness: This will be talked about for the use of Tiny Dancer.

Commercial: Teleflora “What does your heart say”

Entertainment Value: It was kind of lame, and the part that Faith Hill was in was wasted.

Creativeness: Wasn’t too creative, more on the dorky side. Stated before, Faith Hill was wasted.

Effectiveness: I definitely wouldn’t want to except flowers from someone who didn’t know what to write and used an online flower company.

Commercial: Transformers Dark of the Moon (Movie Trailer)


Creativeness: That was absolutely awesome. It’s Transformers, they know they don’t have to say anything; just show amazing special effects and you have everyone sold.

Effectiveness: Shows that this movie will go balls to the wall. After Revenge of the Fallen, DOTM needed to show little but a lot of what will happen in this movie. Not only did this short 30 second spot flop it’s balls on the table for all to see, but it brought back all of those who may be on the fence to go see the third and final Michael Bay film. That trailer was epically effective.

Commercial: BMW “Does it Make Sense”

Entertainment Value: Not entertaining as it was informative. A lot of white.

Creativeness: Creative if you like to get a sense of loyalty.

Effectiveness: Brings the loyal consumers back to BMW, but doesn’t give me much to work with.

Commercial: Motorola Xoom Tablet.

Entertainment Value: Honestly I wasn’t paying attention due to that Tranformers trailer.

Creativeness: Cool a tablet, its the future, lets show white as much as possible.

Effectiveness: Apple still dominates the world.

Commercial: BMW “Chhhh-ch-ch Changes”

Entertainment Value: It wasn’t anything that you wouldn’t see during a normal car commercial

Creativeness: “Diesel has Ch-Changed” – good use of song to inform.

Effectiveness: It worked well as an informative commercial to the tone of the song and the end tagline.

Commercial: Coca-Cola Warcraft like Dragon Commercial

Entertainment Value: Fun, playful, got nerds excited probably.

Creativeness: It was alright for Coca-Cola, but there have been better.

Effectiveness: Its coke they don’t need to be effective.

Commercial: Thor (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Nothing to spectacularly visual from this commercial.

Creativeness: Nothing we haven’t seen before.

Effectiveness: Not too effective. I don’t think anyone can top the Transformers excitement now.

Commercial: VolksWagon Darth Vader Kid

Entertainment Value: Great use of utilizing kids. Playful. Clever.

Creativeness: Very creative on a nostalgic value, but doesn’t really give make you want to talk about the car.

Effectiveness: People will talk about the cuteness, but no the car.

Commercial: Snickers “Roseanne”

Entertainment Value: Ok. Subpar

Creativeness: They can’t top Betty White. Get some new material. The celebrity thing commercials are becoming redundant.

Effectiveness: People would rather see Betty White again is my assumption.

Commercial: “Monkeys”

Entertainment Value: Semi-entertaining for a past Super Bowl idea.

Creativeness: The loveable monkeys are back, but when I say back, I mean they need to work an old angle again to get your attention. So obviously it wasn’t creative.

Effectiveness: Same value as the commercial had last time CB used monkeys.

Commercial: Super 8 (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Really great trailer. Mysterious. It really kept my interest, most likely because it is high on my most anticipated list.

Creativeness: Great tagline. Something along the line of “Don’t talk about it or they’ll come for you?” I’m sure this definitely ties into some viral marketing. Great use of putting in the right action to work in the mystery of it all.

Effectiveness: Worked very well. Kept mystery and played a lot like Cloverfield. I still want to know why it’s called Super 8. It can’t be a found footage movie since it didn’t look like it. So we’ll see.

Commercial: Chevy Cruze “Facebook Status Updates”

Entertainment Value: Made me continue to hate Facebook. Not entertaining. Give me more fun commercials or movie trailers.

Creativeness: It was creative to some extent to show the product well.

Effectiveness: I’m sure everyone will now be Facebooking and driving all the time now.

Commercial: Captain America (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: On a scale of 10, I’d give it a 8.

Creativeness: Showed enough to finally give us a good picture of what we can expect. I SAW RED SKULL. It showed good footage, but could have had a little something more flashy to get more excitement about it.

Effectiveness: Worked really well to show the Captain in action after the much anticipated first look.We finally have a clue as to how this story will work. Not only did we see the Capt., loyalty was rewarded with the revealing of Red Skull, which was epic.

Commercial: Castrol Edge

Entertainment Value: An oil commercial? Boring

Creativeness: They could have done so much more for an oil product.

Effectiveness: Who cares.

Commercial: CarMax “Feel Like”

Entertainment Value: Charming and ironic.

Creativeness: It was clever yet I’ve seen it in Austin Powers, but this one was less dirty.

Effectiveness: The taglines overpowered the message of why these people felt the way that they did. But it was still sort of entertaining.

Commercial: “Will-I-Am” Halftime Commercial

Entertainment Value: Absolutely none.

Creativeness: It worked really well on an informative level while utilizing a lead into the halftime show with Will I Am.

Effectiveness: Worked well to get you interested in what Chatter is. I had questions so I looked it up.

Commercial: Jimmy John’s Prison Freaky Fast Halftime Ad

Entertainment Value: One of the more funnier “Freaky Fast” commercials

Creativeness: Not too creative. It just worked off the old FF ads with a different scenario.

Effectiveness: Jimmy John’s sounds kind of good now.

Commercial: “Go First”

Entertainment Value: It was witty with fun use of it’s motive.

Creativeness: We use people to go first? Or something like that. It was clever with what they did in the ad.

Effectiveness: It established that it’s just another car buying website. That’s all it really needed to do.

Commercial: E-Trade “Enzo/Suit Fit”

Entertainment Value: I’ll admit I hate these stupid babies by now, but the last few seconds were funny.

Creativeness: These are getting quite old, but I’ll give them credit for good writing.

Effectiveness: I’m sure many people laughed at this at the end. If I laughed, other must have. I hate those babies.

Commercial: Best Buy “Buy Back Program Ozzy/Bieber”

Entertainment Value: Funny, really great use of celebrity.

Creativeness: Really capitalized on the Bieber fever and whatever is left of the Ozzy phenomena. It worked well and had funny lines.

Effectiveness: It wasn’t really effective in terms of giving us information about their brand new product they are trying to launch. Bad BB. Bad.

Commercial: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Another sequel trailer more exciting than the others, but still boring.

Creativeness: Just a shorter version of the theatrical trailer using the same dialogue practically.

Effectiveness: If no one knew about this big sequel, well they do now.

Commercial: Mini Cooper “Cram it in the boot”

Entertainment Value: A dirty play on words that turned into an amusing ad for two seconds

Creativeness: The wordplay was funny. But that was about it.

Effectiveness: It definitely showed how much you can cram in those MC so that worked out well. This commercial took you to a dirty place for a few seconds too.


Entertainment Value: Lots of things going on that put a little shock value in a fake baby.

Creativeness: An interesting way to show family struggles of trying to find enjoyment. This worked well creatively to promote a website.

Effectiveness: Any website commercial will generally spark interest to go online and check it out. So I thought the creativity worked well for it’s mission.

Commercial: Hyundai Elantra “Hypnotizing Ad”

Entertainment Value: I was sucked in by the strange visuals.

Creativeness: Didn’t we just see an ad like this. But this one was more visually creative.

Effectiveness: You can not hypnotize me to buy anything. This ad was boring basically. Another ad to throw on the pile of weak garbage.

Commercial: “Tibet”

Entertainment Value: Clever. Didn’t see it coming.

Creativeness: Well done Groupon. You are trying to be edgy and hip. You play off helping someone and completely flip the situation around. Very ingenious.

Effectiveness: This worked quite well to get you interested, but yet strike up controversy on the Tibet issue.

Commercial: Coca-Cola “Rival Guards”

Entertainment Value: I got bored after the first 2 seconds.

Creativeness: Rivalry and feuds brought together by Coca-Cola. Unoriginal.

Effectiveness: I wouldn’t give Coke to my enemies. How about you?

Commercial: Stella Artois –  Adrian Brody Singing

Entertainment Value: Adrian Brody can sing well.

Creativeness: Probably the only “classy” add we’ll see all night. They played to the night crowd looking for a low-key, yet upscale night.

Effectiveness: So drink Stella if you feel like a suave underground better than anyone kind drinker.

Commercial: CarMax “Customer Service Is not Thing of the Past”

Entertainment Value: It was funny to see someone completely thrown off by happy people helping him.

Creativeness: It was decently creative. I’m sure didn’t take too long to think up, but it was produced well.

Effectiveness: I think this one played out well with the message it was going for. We get it, those guys were old school, and CarMax is not going to give you old.

Commercial: The X-Factor “Simon Cowell, He’s Back”

Entertainment Value: I was intrigued to see who they were creating.

Creativeness: Creative in a sense that you wanted to know who it was.

Effectiveness: It worked to keep you watching because you wanted to know who they were creating.

Commercial: Chrysler  “Where we’re from – Detroit”

Entertainment Value: A very long informative commercial, yet it kept me interested in where they were going with it all.

Creativeness: Using the 8-Mile song with Eminem was completely ridiculous. But it worked.

Effectiveness: The ad worked in a loyalty sense. Which they used earlier, but I feel like this one worked better with the end. The “This is what we do,” line from Eminem created two things, a powerful line and redemption for Eminem from the Brisk commercial.

Commercial: NFL “Best Fans Ever”

Entertainment Value: A nice montage of great shows that everyone loves, so obviously you have to love this commercial. Or not.

Creativeness: It must have cost a lot of money for the NFL to take all of those clips. I always like good montage creativity and this one was edited well.

Effectiveness: Not so much effective as it was cleverly edited. They are saying that the TV shows are better fans than you people are.

Commercial: Chase “Quick Deposit on the Smart Phone”

Entertainment Value: It was as fun as a barrel of monkeys. NOT.

Creativeness: They tried to play it slick, cool, “I am hip because I have a smart phone.”

Effectiveness: They have shown this in previous commercials before, but this will really get the point across at the SB. It was quite informative so it was useful, but not entertaining. It will get tossed aside unless you want to use that feature.

Commercial: Rango (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: The trailer kept the adrenaline and pace flowing to captivate your attention.

Creativeness: It took what everyone is looking for in a movie / movie trailer and just put it on display in words, but complimented everything with great clips.

Effectiveness: I can say I may be interested in watching this movie now. The comedy at the beginning was good.

Commercial: “Live Action Cars”

Entertainment Value: You don’t see talking cars unless you see Transformers or Cars, and this one was pretty funny.

Creativeness: It was clever. They took a route that was recognizable and turned it into a live-action moment. This worked well due to the fact that the sequel to Cars is coming out soon.

Effectiveness: Did I care about No. Did I like the fact that they were talking? Yes. It will be a so-so talked about commercial.

Commercial: Bud Light “Dog Party Servants”

Entertainment Value: The most enjoyable BL ad thus far.

Creativeness: It wasn’t too creative, but I bet they had fun developing this ad.

Effectiveness: I have Bud Light in my fridge, so obviously I want to have a good time. I think the message is clear by now.

Commercial: Hyundai “Sonata Hybrid”

Entertainment Value: Um whatever.

Creativeness: They must have cared for two seconds then walked away.

Effectiveness: A very forgettable ad. I honestly don’t remember it.

Commercial: Pepsi Max “Awkward Date”

Entertainment Value: Pretty lame.

Creativeness: People must really not care about SB ads anymore?

Effectiveness: Pespi must really want you to drink Max.

Commercial: Rio (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Too kiddy, lost interest.

Creativeness: Very colorful. Shouldn’t have put George Lopez’s dialogue in the movie. No one sees his movies.

Effectiveness: Maybe if you’re a kid you enjoyed this.

Commercial: Bridgestone “Hood Beaver”

Entertainment Value: Overall it was solid commercial due to the beaver.

Creativeness: What you thought was going to be something unorginal turned out to be funny and original.

Effectiveness: You can only get so much out of a tire commercial. It was cute. But that’s about all people will talk about. I mean, I wish I had a gangster beaver friend.

Commercial: Go Daddy “Everyone is Staring”

Entertainment Value: Another boring GD commercial.

Creativeness: At least the first GD ad had some originality to it. This was just your average crap.

Effectiveness: You know what people thought, “I COULD CARE LESS!”

Commercial: Volkswagon “Black Betty Beetles” – New 2011 VW Bug

Entertainment Value: Visually fun and intriguing to see where they were going.

Creativeness: Very clever. I didn’t know where the beetles would go, but it turned out it was for VW. Whoddathunk? Great animation and fun use of word play.

Effectiveness: It sure will get people talking about Beetles. I think it worked the best that the beetle formed the car shape, and it definitely didn’t look like the typical VW Bug we are use to.

Commercial: Mercedes Benz – Alive Cars “125 Years in the Making, Welcome to the Family”

Entertainment Value: Took too long to get to the point.

Creativeness: Inventive, but nothing I jumped for joy about.

Effectiveness: If they just showed the cars from the beginning it could have gotten the point across sooner and for less money.

Commercial: House – Classic Coke/Chirro Parody

Entertainment Value: Awesome. Not only did it parody a classic SB commercial, it brought a clever twist.

Creativeness: It was an ingenious use of an old commercial with Hugh Lauries comedic timing.

Effectiveness: I don’t watch House, but I enjoyed the ad. So on a SB commercial enjoyment level it was super effective.

Commercial: Camaro “I got a great idea for a commercial”

Entertainment Value: It kept my attention in a good way.

Creativeness: The narration over the action worked well because you didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Effectiveness: It really showed the car very well and you had fun with the commercial as well.

Commercial: Verizon “Apple iPhone Reliability”

Entertainment Value: Didn’t care one bit.

Creativeness: Conveying a point we all know about, tell us something we don’t know.

Effectiveness: Hey, did you know AT&T drops their calls and Verizon can be heard everywhere because the “Can You Hear Me Now” guy said so? Whatever.

Commercial: Chevy Cruze “Glee”

Entertainment Value: Jane Lynch is always great to watch.

Creativeness: A funny product placement blatantly displayed in everyone’s favorite show.

Effectiveness: Glee overpowered the product. Wasted use of product placement.

Commercial: Limitless (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Could have cared less.

Creativeness: Another short version of the full trailer.

Effectiveness: I’m sure people were unaffected about a non-action movie. Girls just see another Bradley Cooper movie.

Commercial: Sketchers “Kim Kardashian Shape-Ups”

Entertainment Value: Her body definitely caught my interest. DAMN. And I’m not even a Kardashian fan.

Creativeness: They have gone sexy before and this ad really took full advantage of sex sells.

Effectiveness: I’m sure ladies everywhere who follow Kim’s career will see her body and really think hard about buying those shoes. This ad worked in so many levels. Even guys will see this ad and buy those shoes for their girl friends in the future. Of course, welcomed with potential slaps to the face.

Commercial: Terranova (TV Show Trailer)

Entertainment Value: I almost thought I was watching Avatar. AKA Whatever.

Creativeness: Visually appealing, but I needed a little more information for a new show.

Effectiveness: I’m sure future promotions will help this show drive buzz.

Commercial: E-Trade “Peppers the Cat” Post game ad

Entertainment Value: Cats are always fun to watch. The first E-Trade commercial I’ve ever liked.

Creativeness: As stated earlier, they have good writing, but these things are getting old.

Effectiveness: The cat took all the attention and just wasted E-Trades money.

Commercial: Justified (TV Show Trailer)

Entertainment Value: Timothy Olyphant can make anything worth watching.

Creativeness: Very smart way to use a nostalgic dialogue and flip it into something modern.

Effectiveness: It might have lit some fire in my pants to go watch this show due to Olyphants great use of timing and delivery.

Commercial: Mars Needs Moms (Movie Trailer)

Entertainment Value: I DONT CARE.



Commercial: Wendy’s – Hit the Spot Post Game Ad

Entertainment Value: I liked it.

Creativeness: Wendy’s generally have good ads. Slapping people in the face is always a good time. Good tagline.

Effectiveness: The tagline was pretty intelligent and was put to great use in this funny ad.

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