The 2010 Brandcameo Award Winners

Who knew that a little thing like Reeses Pieces could spark a cultural complexity and annoyance such as product placement. Being a geek of both arts, advertising and film, I wonder to myself, how have I never heard of these awards? Well your guess is as good as mine. But moving forward… the Brandchannel has furiously tabulated product placement for over the past decade. Each year they honor the good, the bad, and the ugly of product placement in films. To see who the big winners are, find out after the break!

To read all about each award and the idea behind it, head on over to the BrandChannel’s website.

Overall Product Placement: Apple

Achievement in Product Placement in a Single Film: ‘Iron Man 2’ with 64 placements

Worst Product Placement: ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’

Product Placement Achievement in an Oscar-Nominated Film: ‘The Fighter’ (Budweiser)

Product Placement Achievement in a Foreign Film: ‘Color Me Love’ (Apple)

Award for Best Role in a Supporting Product Placement: The Prius in ‘The Other Guys’

Award for Product Placement Impact: EA Sports and Gatorade

Lifetime Achievement Award for Product Placement: Glock

Award for Product Placement Stunt Double: The Ducati in ‘Knight and Day’

The E.T./Reese’s Award for Achievement in Press Coverage: ‘Iron Man 2’

Cleo McDowell “My Buns Have No Seeds” Award: ‘The Town’s’ Verizon alternative, Vericom

Coca-Cola Kid Award for Product Placement Title: ‘The Joneses’

Wayne’s World Award for Product Placement Product Placement: ‘The Joneses’

Award for Unwanted Product Placement: Pfizer and ‘Love and Other Drugs’

The Forrest Gump Award for Achievement in Reverse Product Placement: The Bella
Engagement Ring in ‘Twilight: Eclipse’

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