First Look: Tom Hardy as Bane in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Let The Dark Knight Rises viral marketing begin!!! Much have I anticipated the long arrival of the next viral marketing campaign for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film. This first image of the villain Bane, one of the many villains in the upcoming film, is the first of many incidents we will hopefully be given to explore the world of Gotham city! Casting Tom Hardy is one thing, but casting him as a villain should be a spectacle to behold, especially with Nolan at the helm. Go after the jump to see how it all got discovered!

I can attribute my love of film news to the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight. Since that moment, my life had changed. I never thought I would ever get as wrapped up in the industry news and film marketing events like I did with TDK because I always just held film as more of a spectator sport. The campaign run for TDK by 42 Entertainment was awe inspiring in revolutionary ways, not just for film, but for marketing in general.

42 Entertainment engulfed you into the mind of Christopher Nolan’s second Batman story by creating a world outside of the Internet through flash mobs at Comic-Con, scavenger hunts across big cities, rallying campaigners to vote for Harvey Dent, and delivered mobile texting games that gave clues from “The Joker”. They brought the idea of Gotham and turned it into something tangible giving each and every key figure from the movie their own reality. The Gotham PD, the Gotham Times, Harvey Dent’s DA campaign, pizza places, taxi services, almost everything about Gotham had its own website with hidden paths to guide you through to the next clue. Even The Joker had his own side quest and mini-games to hire gang members leading up to the vault break in where the movie starts. It was pure brilliance.

A little over a week ago The Dark Knight Rises website went live with just a black screen and an eerie chant. Some smarty pants decided to take the sound clip that they were chanting and plug them into their computer to view it as a visual spectrum. It turned out that the chanting was a Twitter account.

From this Twitter account, there was a link to and that would take you to a website where you could Tweet a message that would help complete the image. Each tweet sent would add another box to finalize the full picture placed at the very top of this post.

So far nothing else has been discovered in this viral marketing campaign, but I am sure with the San Diego Comic-Con coming up I wouldn’t doubt that they have a lot of goodies coming up. I’ve checked out a few of the old Gotham websites from The Dark Knight campaign, but none of them have been updated and still defaced from The Joker. I’m not sure who is doing the viral marketing this time around, but if it involves as much work as the last one, I will be thoroughly looking forward to it!

You can click on the above image to enlarge to the full size or go to to check it out for yourself!

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