The Amazing Spider-man Teaser Trailer

A few weeks ago, right before Comic-Con, the first teaser trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-man hit the Internets. Some have said it to be a lot darker than Sam Raimi’s trilogy, which makes it easily stand on its own, while others question what Sony Pictures may have in store for this property.

There is no official plot synopsis yet, not even from the official website, but from what most have gathered Spider-man, played by Andrew Garfield (The Social Network; Never Let Me Go) will be facing off against Doc Connors aka “The Lizard,” played by Rhys Ifans (Pirate Radio; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1; Notting Hill) in a complete reboot and origin story with no Mary Jane in tow. Replacing Mary Jane Watson as the love interest will be Gwen Stacy, played by the natural blonde Emma Stone (Easy A; Superbad; The Help).

Catch the teaser trailer after the jump along with a few other production stills!

I for one believe in the director Marc Webb. For only being his sophomore film, since (500) Days of Summer, I believe that he can capture the essence of what Spider-man is all about. The way he manipulated audiences into relating to the characters in (500) Days gives me hope that he will do the same for Peter Parker. Perhaps the action scenes may come to be a little amateurish, but he has has had almost 10-years of experience making exciting music videos. Sony had to have seen something in his work to trust him with a huge production.

Prior to this trailer I had made my personal challenge to myself that I would not see this trailer and a few others and so far I have lived up to my goal. I leave it up to you to let yourself decide whether or not this movie will live up to its predecessors and regain the confidence in this franchise post Spider-man 3.

Click to enlarge the images!

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