Blade Runner Inspired Batman Trilogy Posters

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is coming to an end July 20, 2012, and a very talented fan, DeviantArtist Alexander Stojanov, created three posters of each of the Batman saga inspired by the Blade Runner posters drawn by Drew Struzan. Now the poster above may seem awfully familiar to you and it has nothing to do with Blade Runner; I’ll show you why and the other two brilliant posters after the break!

(Click any of the images to enlarge them)

Here we have two examples of Drew Struzan’s Blade Runner posters from 1982.

But something didn’t sit right when I compared these posters to the Batman Begins poster. It wasn’t until I rummaged through the vault of my ridiculous memory that I discovered these little gems: Struzan’s Star Wars Posters.

Take a look at that Revenge of the Sith poster folks, looks awfully similar to Stojanov’s Batman Begins poster, no? Now I’m not bashing his work for closely copying a Star Wars poster, but perhaps he subconsciously took the ROTS poster as a guide as well and never realized it? Stojanov’s posters are amazing, but instead of giving just credit to just Drew Struzan’s Blade Runner posters, he could have given credit to all of Struzan’s work in general.

But take a look at Stojanov’s two other pieces, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. They are quite amazing and the detail is impeccable. Just using Painter X and Photoshop, Stojanov was able to recreate Struzan’s work dedicated to the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. Which one is your favorite? I tend to lean more toward The Dark Knight poster myself.

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