The Avengers Assemble in an Ultimate Marvel Marathon at AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres Ultimate Marvel Marathon The Avengers

AMC Theatres always seem to provide cinephiles with awesome opportunities to sit down in a dark room for hours at a time, with strangers, to engage in epic long movie marathons. This time your butt has the chance to be parked in front of the big screen for a little over 14 hours when AMC Theatres present The Ultimate Marvel Marathon!

As you may have guessed, AMC’s across the nation will be screening all five current Marvel films leading up to the grand finale that is The Avengers. For just $40, this ultimate experience can be yours, but will it be worth your time? Keep reading to find out more details and what theatres will be hosting this event!

Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers will be one raging fest of testosterone. After sitting through this marathon I’d want to take on an army of Skrull. I would assume that they are going to play them in the order they were released since that is the most idealistic chronological order, other thanCaptain America (which only makes it chronological order due to its ending – assumably).

Since The Avengers comes out May 4, AMC theatres will be starting the marathon at 11:30 am on Thursday May 3 at all participating theatres, with The Avengers to follow at midnight. Anyone who didn’t get a chance to see Captain America or Thor in 3D because you thought those movies were a huge waste of post-conversion garbage, you’re in luck because you’ll get to see them in 3D this time. (Woo hoo?) Click the image to enlarge:

AMC Theatres Ultimate Marvel Marathon

The opportunity to get to see these movies one more time on the big screen is pretty cool. I appreciate AMC for doing things like this, but are these films that worth it? I can see Iron Man and Captain America being worth it. Thor was pretty good and to see Asgard on the big screen would be cool again. But The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 were just OK. And although you’d be paying $40 for six films, three of which that are in 3D, this may not be the marathon for everyone except DIE HARD fans.

Now I went to the Harry Potter 4-day movie marathon AMC theatres hosted last summer, and that was a blast to see all of those films back on the screen again. It had been years since they were in theaters, but these Marvel films are newer and maybe if they were all more connected like the Harry Potterfilms – with the same characters throughout each one – this marathon may have more emotional value to it. But it doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited for The Avengers to come out, but to watch all of the Marvel films in a row, and the fact that they hardly link to each other, doesn’t resonate with me emotionally as the Harry Potter films did with their epic scale.

Check out the complete list of cities and participating theaters below:

  • Atlanta, GA – Avenue Forsyth 12
  • Baltimore, MD – White Marsh 16
  • Boston, MA – Boston Common 19, Liberty Tree Mall 20
  • Chicago, IL – River East 21, South Barrington 30
  • Cincinnati, OH – Newport on the Levee 20
  • Columbus, OH – Lennox 24
  • Dallas, TX – NorthPark 15, Parks at Arlington 18
  • Denver, CO – Highlands Ranch 24
  • Detroit, MI – Livonia 20
  • Houston, TX – First Colony 24, Gulf Pointe 30
  • Indianapolis, IN – Indianapolis 16 w/ IMAX
  • Jacksonville, FL – Orange Park 24
  • Kansas City, MO – Studio 30 (Olathe)
  • Los Angeles, CA – Orange 30, Burbank 16, Century City 15, Universal Citywalk Stadium 19, Del Amo 18, Downtown Disney 12, Ontario Mills 30, Promenade 16
  • Miami, FL – Aventura 24, Sunset Place 24
  • Minneapolis, MN – Rosedale 14
  • New Orleans, LA – Elmwood Palace 20
  • New York/New Jersey – Empire 25, Garden State 16, Kips Bay 15, New Brunswick 18, Palisades Center 21
  • Norfolk, VA – Lynnhaven 18
  • Omaha, NE – Oakview 24
  • Orlando, FL – Altamonte 18, Downtown Disney 24
  • Philadelphia, PA – Cherry Hill 24, Neshaminy 24
  • Phoenix, AZ – Westgate 20
  • San Diego, CA – Mission Valley 20
  • San Francisco, CA – Bay Street 16, Mercado 20, Metreon 16
  • Seattle, WA – Alderwood 16, Southcenter 16
  • Tallahassee, FL – Tallahassee 20
  • Tampa, FL – Regency 20, Veterans 24
  • Toronto, ON – Courtney Park 16
  • Washington, DC – Hoffman Center 22, Potomac Mills 18, Tysons Corner 16

Those who wish to participate in this movie marathon also get these slick 3D glasses – which aren’t as cool as the Harry Potter 3D glasses because those actually meant something to the movie. Those were “Harry’s” glasses. These are just some superhero themed bulky plastic goggles.

Ultimate Marvel Marathon Glasses

Will you assemble a group of friends to partake in this “Ultimate” experience? Tickets will be limited and are on sale now! Check out the first trailer for The Avengers here.

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Source: AMC Theatres

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