Marvel Studios Phase 1 and 2 Video Recap; Plus First Look at Josh Brolin as Thanos

Thanos Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe Josh Brolin

For the masses who were not able to get into Hall H, and for the millions who weren’t able to attend Comic-Con, you’re in luck. Marvel Studios has just released this awesome recap of Phase 1 and 2 of their cinematic universe, which was shown during their panel. Not only does this retrospective cover up to where we are now, but it gives our first glimpse of Josh Brolin as Thanos, the big bad of Phase 3. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2014 Cosplay Photo Gallery [Over 300 Awesome Cosplayers Featured!]

Comic-Con 2014 Photo Gallery

San Diego Comic-Con, the mecca for cosplayers from around the globe has sadly come and gone. But we’ve got just the treat for you to relive that special time of year whenever you would like. We met with hundreds of wonderful cosplayers this past SDCC weekend who were kind enough to stop and pose for a picture, and we’d like to share them all with you of course. Check out our full Comic-Con 2014 cosplay photo gallery after the break. Continue reading

Marvel Studios Has Cinematic Universe Planned Through 2028

Marvel Studios Has Cinematic Universe Planned Through 2028

Big news swept the Marvel Cinematic Universe today, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger says President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has films mapped out through the year 2028. At the rate they’re going that means there are potentially 28 more Marvel movies to look forward to, or more. Check out official statement after the break. Continue reading

The Avengers Assemble in an Ultimate Marvel Marathon at AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres Ultimate Marvel Marathon The Avengers

AMC Theatres always seem to provide cinephiles with awesome opportunities to sit down in a dark room for hours at a time, with strangers, to engage in epic long movie marathons. This time your butt has the chance to be parked in front of the big screen for a little over 14 hours when AMC Theatres present The Ultimate Marvel Marathon!

As you may have guessed, AMC’s across the nation will be screening all five current Marvel films leading up to the grand finale that is The Avengers. For just $40, this ultimate experience can be yours, but will it be worth your time? Keep reading to find out more details and what theatres will be hosting this event! Continue reading

T-He: Avengers Assemble! Web Series

A great new Web series has hit the Interwebs in the form of the Avengers from Marvel, Avengers Assemble! We join Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, and Hulk as they take on today’s challenges of unemployment, healthcare, the BP oil spill, and more! These minisodes are hilarious and they have about seven episodes so far. You can catch their videos on their YouTube Channel, but you can also watch the first six after the break!

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Mark Ruffalo “Avatars” The Avengers

Within the revolving door of actors playing the iconic figures over at Marvel Entertainment, Mark Ruffalo has been chosen to fill the shoes of Ed Norton’s place as The Incredible Hulk. Vulture got a hold of Ruffalo and he revealed that he would actually be ‘playing’ the character in the film rather than voice acting over a CGI character.

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