Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay Gallery

Comic-Con 2012 Deadpool Deadmaus

Cosplay, the quintessential element to any successful Comic-Con. For some, cosplaying can be fun. Others it is their job. And to many it is expression of who they are, an art form. It is a treat for attendees no matter how you look at it. I highly enjoyed seeing all of the cosplayers and only wish that I had half the creativity they had. After the jump check out all of the pictures I took of some of the best cosplaying I encountered during Comic-Con 2012

Going into Comic-Con I expected a lot more people to be dressed up than there were. There was still a great many who did, but my expectations were a lot higher. I figured every other person would be in costume, but nope that was not the case. Regardless, there were a great group of cosplayers to fulfill my appetite for geekdom.

The most clichéd costume I’ve always heard of was the overabundance of Slave Leia’s from Star Wars – this was not the case. This year was all about Catwoman and Harley Quinn. After a successful run in Arkham City and now with a new Catwoman debuting in theaters for The Dark Knight Rises, it was just bound to happen.

On the guy side of things, most Marvel superheroes were up grabs. There were a lot of Captain Americas, Spider-Men, Jokers, Finns from Adventure Time, and Ash Ketchums.

The real winners of most over done costume were zombies. Due to the popularity of The Walking Dead, many had come down to the Con to dress up for the annual zombie walk The Gaslamp Quarter downtown San Diego. Hundreds poured on the sidewalk, stumbling about, groaning for brains.

One of the sexiest I saw was a girl dressed as X-23 – sadly I didn’t snap a picture. One of the best and funniest had to be the little girl dressed up as Nyan Cat with her mother following with the rainbow. That damn Pop-Tart space cat was so cute.

And then of course Jessica Nigri was out and about. It wouldn’t be a pop culture convention without her flaunting her goodies all over the place now would it? I found her as Harley Quinn, but there were various other days she was dressed as something else.

You know what I never saw. I never saw a single Pedobear. But that’s probably a good thing. Alas, there were no Transformers or Solid Snakes either.

Sadly one Lara Croft cosplayer kept being mistaken for Katniss from The Hunger Games. Hopefully they trudge further into development of the new Tomb Raider movie reboot so that Ms. Croft can be brought back into the spotlight.

Check out all the photos below, click on an image to enlarge!

Hope you enjoyed!

And for a bonus treat, here’s an incredibly awesome video of Deadpool taking on Comic-Con, one cosplayer at a time!

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