‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Start Date, Teaser Videos and Posters

American Horror Story Asylum Teaser Posters

Let the mind games continue! American Horror Story: Asylummoves forward with its big marketing push, adding more insanely bizarre teaser trailers in its path. Four teaser posters have also been released that coincide with the previous short promo trailers as well. But the biggest announcement of them all is the start date for the second season, October 17. Bring a fresh pair of drawers kids, this season looks like it’ll be crazy town banana pants.

These new promo videos for American Horror Story: Asylum makes number seven and eight. I would have figured they’d stop at seven, but nope. But what’s good is that they have become even stranger. Red Rave and White Rave are fairly similar, but with one little hint of difference. I won’t spoil them with images this time, you’ll just have to watch for yourself!

That was Red Rave, which takes us back to a bucket of organs(?) that resemble similarities to the ones the nun was dumping out in the Special Delivery teaser. Upping the creep factor, this visual of this “rave” carrying the bucket of meat among the crowd just reeks of disturbing imagery. I like it a lot, possibly more so than the Glass Prison promo. But what gets me even more excited is the next teaser, White Rave. Can you guess what this one will be about?

As much as I love the visionary direction Ryan Murphy can give in all of his creations (Nip/Tuck; Glee), I just hope he isn’t just cock teasing us to make us think this season will be cool. The concept of the story and the characters brings my interest to an all time high, more so than the first season of American Horror Story. I just have to keep my guard up or else I’ll be more disappointed than the time I was rejected by a girl I asked to junior prom.

Stated previously, these four posters have given us a start date for Asylum – Wednesday, October 17. No time is given, but we could assume it will air at its regular time, which of course I can’t remember off hand. I like that they’re sticking to familiarity in the posters, relating back to the first teaser trailers that have surfaced, Hydrobath, Special Delivery, and Ascend.  (Click on each poster to enlarge the images):

Now will the bleeding eyed nun have anything to do with “Bloody Face“? Will we see this occur in the show? Or is Murphy just screwing with us?

Starring Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Adam Levine, James Cromwell, and Evan Peters, American Horror Story: Asylumbegins Wednesday, October 17, 2012 on FX.

Source: AHS YouTube Channel & Shock Till You Drop

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