Meet the Cast of ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’

American Horror Story Asylum Cast Teaser

Meet your 2012 cast of American Horror Story: Asylum. Here we have two teasers that introduce mostly everyone we’ll see this year, which include the likes of Adam Levine, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Chloe Sevigny, Sarah Paulson, Zachary Quinto, Joseph Fiennes, James Cromwell, and Jessica Lange. A pretty solid cast if I do say so myself. Check out the short, introductory trailers after the break.

This is the first time we are seeing any of the cast in action and these teasers do a great job at inviting them into our lives before October 17. All we have gotten thus far are some eerie, ominous teaser trailers. They haven’t given us much, but the anticipation of seeing new visuals from Asylumhas gotten me all worked up.

The bad part about starting a mini-series rather than continuing with the same characters from a previous season is that we need to taught who these characters are. We are starting fresh here people, and without the knowledge of character motivations and development we will not get a sense of who we are dealing with. Unless we want a jumbled up mess like last year, I hope Ryan Murphy has got this year’s American Horror Story: Asylumlocked down – if you know what I mean.

I’m rather interested in seeing what James Cromwell can bring to the series. I’ve always found him to have a great presence on-screen and he did pretty well as the warden in The Longest Yard remake. He has done an episode of The Twilight Zone, but I’ve never heard or seen him in anything within the horror genre. He looks pretty menacing, I’ll give him that. Look at that sneer. Oh the sneer!

American Horror Story Asylum James Cromwell

We’ve seen Rabe, Paulson, Peters, Lange, and Quinto in the previous season. With this brand new start, I’m excited to see where they will take their new characters. The first teaser gives us the names and faces in a straight forward fashion. No action, it’s quick and to the point. All we have to base these characters on are their costumes. Welcome to the Asylum:

In the second American Horror Story: Asylum cast trailer we get a better taste at who these characters are and what we may see them deal within the asylum. No name credits, just small visual character profiles. Enjoy:

First we see Adam Levine. He seems to be with some sort of floozie and holding up a camera. Perhaps he was seeing too far into things with his photography and that got him sent into the looney bin? He was standing next to bloody face in a snapshot by Ryan Murphy on his Twitter, maybe he saw him?

Next we see Lily Rabe. She acted as a crazy wife, and previous owner of the murder house in the first season. Now we see her looking like a nurse. In the first teaser we saw, a nurse/nun was throwing out buckets of organs/meat behind her path. We see those same buckets beside her bed in this promo. Right before we go on to the next character, we see an arm reach out for a bucket. What part will Lily play with this strange feeding? Who is reaching for the bucket?

American Horror Story Asylum Evan Peters

Evan Peters is back. Peters played Tate, the character we loved to hate in the first season. It may be hard to separate the two characters from season to season, so I hope he kept that in mind. What could the scars on his back be from? Is he some sort of masochist? Maybe that brunette floozie is corrupting him, she gets a little flash wink before we cut to Chloë.

We see Chloë Sevigny all dolled up in fancy lingerie. Back in the 1800s, women were sent to insane asylums for hysteria, which in today’s culture we would call a nymphomania. This could be true to Chloë’s character, and only time will tell if we’re right. Murphy loves sexualizing his dramas and she would be the perfect one to bring on that element. (The Brown Bunny anyone?)

Sarah Paulson may have been committed for a similar diagnosis. Seeing how this show is based in the 60s and she is in bed with another female, this could pose as Murphy’s continuation on exploring homosexuality on television. We’ve seen it played out in every series he has done, and he always does a great job at handling the controversial TV topic.

Zachary Quinto can be seen holding down some creeper with white eyes and a burning red face. He must be some sort of doctor in the asylum that helps out Cromwell.

Joseph Fiennes opens his little bible. I’m no sherlock, but I could come to guess he is the head minister of the asylum, and we are going to be dealing with a lot of underlying theme of religion. I feel there will be a lot of good versus evil going on this season.

The big boss behind the asylum is James Cromwell. He runs the show, and assumably, after seeing all the freaky deeky stuff in the teaser trailers, he runs a tight ship and performs some crazy medical practices.

American Horror Story Asylum Jessica Lange

Which leads us to our head penguin, Jessica Lange. She has this piercing, serious look on her face like she could snap your arm in two. I would take her as more lighthearted in the first season, but with this look, we will definitely get a different side of Lange that could lead her into a second Emmy nomination. (Click the images below to enlarge for more of the cast.)

American Horror Story: Asylum begins Wednesday, October 17, 2012 on FX.

Source: American Horror Story Facebook

2 thoughts on “Meet the Cast of ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’

  1. I love your analysis of the characters! You picked up on many details I missed, the face of the man Zachary Quinto is retraining, in particular. I have been obsessing over everything American Horror Story since the first teaser, and we agree that James Cromwell looks the most villainous. His sneer is truly chilling, especially after hearing what’s in store for his character. I can’t wait to see these characters in action, they all look they have a fascinating story to tell.

    • Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I didn’t think I would look into it that deeply, but I was just on a roll.

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