The ‘Reborn’ Trailer for Tomb Raider; There is a Survivor in All of Us (22 Screenshots)

Tomb Raider Reborn Trailer

It’s only a matter of days before the world will get their paws on Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider. In desperate need of a revival, Tomb Raider looks to be that glimmer of hope the franchise needed. As we set sails into the unknown future, the developers have released one final trailer entitled “Reborn,” to give fans a final taste of what’s to come.

We have not seen Lara Croft since 2008. From sample gameplay to gorgeous trailers, I can tell you Ms. Croft is ready for her big reintroduction into the world. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve enjoyed the time built up to this moment. I have my pre-order ready and I’m counting down the days until its release.

Tomb Raider Gameplay Reborn Trailer 5

For those on the fence about the reboot of Tomb Raider, “Reborn” is a grand collective of the best gameplay we’ve seen from previous trailers along with some new footage that highlights the spectacular adventure we can expect to endure on March 5. Despite the title of the trailer, Crystal Dynamics attempts to engage the viewer on a personal level:

It’s a well put together trailer and I get what they’re trying to do when they show random talking heads speaking in first person as if they were Lara Croft, but I wish it was all voiceover by Camilla Luddigton with shots of in-game footage. The big speech given by Lara would feel more impactful than actors pretending to be gamers explaining their experience with a game that isn’t out yet. I could understand if this was a trailer for after the release.

Tomb Raider Gameplay Reborn Trailer 17

And with all that said, titling the trailer “Reborn” when there is no context in the dialogue in relation to its name defeats the purpose. If this was about the road traveled to see how far Lara has come since she became a video game icon to where she is now, I think that would suggest a rebirth. This is more embracing who you are in order to survive. But they have already made a “Survivor” trailer.

On a side note, I think Gillian Jacobs of Community and Jenna Ushkowitz of Glee are in this trailer.

Tomb Raider hits shelves this week, March 5, 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.

Source: Crystal Dynamics

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