Box Office Battlefield: ’42’ and ‘Scary Movie 5’

Box Office Battlefield 42 Scary Movie 5

The weekend warriors for April 12, 2013 includes 42 and Scary Movie 5. Box Office Battlefield is a recurring rundown of all the movie releases for the weekend. Every week, movie studios select candidates to enter the glorious battlefield for your hard earned dollars. Box Office Battlefield is here to help you decide which movie(s) will take priority over the others.

Last weekend, Evil Dead managed to scare up a surprising win over audiences. G.I. Joe fell, while Jurassic Park dug up some surprising numbers. Evil Dead has some decent competition this weekend and it should be interest to see how these contenders will pan out.

Will Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers be able to strike out the horror movie anthology titans or will they pitch a no-hitter? Take me out to the ball game! This is the Box Office Battlefield:

42 Movie Title Jackie Robinson

42 (Rated PG-13) 128 min – (Directed by Brian Helgeland) Starring Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie, T.R. Knight, Andre Holland, Lucas Black, Christopher Meloni, and Alan Tudyk

Synopsis: The life story of Jackie Robinson and his history-making signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers under the guidance of team executive Branch Rickey.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: Critics – 73% • Audience – 82%

Anyone who is a fan of underdog, sentimental sports movies should be hungry for 42. Chadwick Boseman embodies Jackie Robinson very admirably, but I don’t think the screenwriting gives him a lot to work with. It felt too light at some moments based on the stories of Robinson I’ve heard. There are moments of great tension and gets dark at times, but there are other moments in 42 that just don’t work or go nowhere. For a PG-13 movie they sure do say the “N” word quite a lot, so if you bring your kids be warned; this isn’t as family friendly as Remember the Titans as it may seem. MATINEE IT!

Scary Movie 5 Title

Scary Movie 5 (Rated PG-13) 85 min – (Directed by Malcolm D. Lee) Starring Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Erica Ash, Katt Williams, Snoop Dogg, Katrina Bowden, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan

Synopsis: A couple begin to experience some unusual activity after bringing their newborn son home from the hospital. With the help of home-surveillance cameras and a team of experts, they learn they’re being stalked by a nefarious demon.

Rotten Tomatoes Score: Critics – N/A% • Audience – 79%

Those on board the Scary Movie spoof train may need to check themselves off. If the idea of watching a Scary Movie film without Anna Faris may not find the appeal of Ashley Tisdale. Writers Pat Proft (Scary Movie 3; Hot Shots; Police Academy) and David Zucker (The Naked Gun Trilogy; BASEketball; Airplane) have great credentials in the spoof genre, but how far can they take the Scary Movie genre? The trailer for Scary Movie 5 looks terrible, and adding Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen isn’t helping their cause. It’s been seven years since the franchises’ last entry, did we really need another one? SKIP IT!

Coming out in a wider limited release is The Place Beyond the Pines. As I’ve stated before, it is a beautifully shot film, somewhat haunting, and well written. It is a very slow-burn, tension filled tale that not everyone will get on board with, but if you want to see Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper perform some incredible drama, seek out Pines!

Another Terrence Malick art house movie, To the Wonder, is seeing a limited release. I was not so keen on The Tree of Life, but the trailer behind Wonder has me intrigued simply because of Javier Bardem. Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko are also starring – her career seems to have taken off lately, no? If you’re a die hard indie film fan, I would check it out, otherwise just wait until it comes out on home video.

Since both wide releases are rated PG-13, this weekend could be close. Scary Movie 5 is not a strong franchise anymore, but could grab hold of the young adult audiences. 42 will gravitate toward baseball fans and adults who will want to seek a feel good movie after being tortured by the Evil Dead last weekend; which has held first position all week at the box office. It’s a pretty brutal film and I can’t see too many repeat viewers. Scary Movie 5 has 400 more theaters this weekend than 42, but I don’t think that will affect the outcome based on how spoof movies have been performing lately.

Battlefield Winner: 42

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