Party Hard with New ‘Monsters University’ Trailer (75 Screenshots)

Monsters University Trailer Screenshot Football Game

I never thought it possible to infuse Andrew W.K. into a Disney•Pixar movie, but the fine folks in the marketing department made it possible in this brand new, fast-paced Monsters University trailer. For those in the Greek system, Monsters U. may resonate more than to a GDI (Gosh Darn Independent), but either way, this new footage promises a lot a laughs and a great new adventure for Mike and Sully. Check out the trailer after the jump.

In the first trailer for Monsters University we were introduced to the concept of the story, but never given the big picture. We see Mike entering college, meeting Sully, and college shenanigans ensue. So what are the stakes our two favorite monsters must endure in order to create the friendship that we all know and love? Apparently they both join a fraternity, Oozma Kappa, with Mike on the brink of getting kicked out of school.

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Monsters University Trailer Screenshot Dorm Party

Within this new trailer, fans of Pixar‘s Monsters world will be treated to a much more colorful universe. There is less business to be had and more partying, fun characters, Greek Week, and a fresh new start for Mike and Sully. Our monster friends may look familiar to us on the outside, but they are younger and less experienced in life, and it shows. Sully comes off arrogant and less humble than who we know him as and Mike is a bit more bull-headed and driven in life. Watch the trailer and see:

Like most Pixar movies, Monsters University feels very adult. Tackling the issues of finding a place in the world, attending college, and fraternity and sorority life, all of this would seem like it would go way over the kids’ heads. This movie hardly comes off as if it’s aimed toward children and more toward teens and college students with a child-like sensibility. Which I have no problem with, but it goes to show you that the team behind one of the greatest animation studios can take a narrow story with limiting target demographics and will still probably draw in a broad audience.

Monsters University Trailer Screenshot Greek Council Brock Pearson

Monsters University brings back Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi to reprise their roles as Mike Wazowski, James P. “Sully” Sulivan, and Randall Boggs respectively. Along with the monsters we already know, a whole new cast of monsters come to life from the voices of Helen Mirren, Charlie Day, Alfred Molina, Dave Foley, Aubrey Plaza, Joel Murray, Nathan Fillion, Peter Sohn, Sean Hayes, and Tyler Labine.

Monsters University Trailer Screenshot Pep Talk

How do you think Monsters University is shaping up? Do you agree with their angle on that takes on a sort of Revenge of the Nerds vibe or should Pixar have found a new way to tackle college life?

Monsters University was directed by Dan Scanlon and hits theaters June 21 in 2D and 3D everywhere.

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