Box Office Aftermath: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Has a Bright Weekend

Box Office Aftermath Star Trek Into DarknessBox Office Aftermath Star Trek Into Darkness

Topping off the weekend of May 17-19, 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness set phasers to stun, leaving the box office battlefield victorious. Box Office Aftermath is an ongoing column dedicated to recapping the weekend’s total ticket sales. Each week, combatants enter the cinematic war zone, bloodthirsty for your cash. But there can only be one true winner. In Box Office Aftermath, we will take a look at the numbers, how previous contenders fared, and provide a brief analysis of the results.

It was quite an exciting weekend at the movies, but unfortunately Star Trek Into Darkness did not live up to its expected box office haul. In fact, the box office ticket sales were down 2.5 percent. Although it made number one, it was a little behind what J.J. Abram’s first Star Trek film was able to haul. Into Darkness earned a respectable $70.1 million for the weekend and a total gross of $83.7 million over  four day plus Wednesday night ticket sales. But comparatively, 2009’s Star Trek was able to gain $75.2 million over its opening weekend and a total of $86.7 million in its four day run. Where did Into Darkness go wrong? Could audiences be finally sick of J.J. Abrams “mystery box”?  (See full spoiler-free review here.)

Or it could have been due to hold outs wanting to see Iron Man 3 first and waiting for the crowds to die down before they see STID. There is a hefty release schedule for May and perhaps folks do not want to fight the crowds. I don’t blame them. I’d wait to see a movie too if that meant less crowds and not having to wait in a long line just to say I was the first. Iron Man 3 did manage to sneak in $35.7 million more into Marvel/Disney’s pockets, easily propelling it over the $1 billion mark.

The Great Gatsby also had an impact this weekend earning $23.9 million, taking third place. I’m kind of surprised Gatsby didn’t drop more than 52% based on the reviews and the opening of Star Trek. After this weekend, Gatsby has easily made back its budget, but can it hold out for next weekend to be truly profitable?

It’s also fair to note that non-IMAX 3D has taken a hit in the smaller theaters. Box Office Mojo states that only 29 percent of audiences saw STID in regular 3D and when Gatsby opened it only had 33 percent of the box office traffic. As great as STID is in 3D, I hope that the format dies fairly soon.

Coming in fourth is Pain & Gain. The little Michael Bay picture that could is trucking along and took in $3.23 million this weekend. But don’t expect it to be in the top five next weekend, with another movie featuring The Rock coming out. Pain & Gain also lost over 800 screens this weekend too. And to cap off the top five is The Croods coming in with $3.02 million. With another animated movie coming out next weekend, we can suspect The Croods will fall pretty far and lose its high screen count.

Besides Gatsby, the other new release from last weekend, Tyler Perry’s Peeples has dropped from fourth to ninth, cashing in only $2.15 million. It will be highly unlikely that it will be very profitable if it can even make back its budget first. Mud is still doing well, it was able to open into more theaters and gain $2.29 million this weekend. The Iceman also increased its screen count and saw an influx in ticket sales. And only in its fourth weekend, The Big Wedding lost 855 screens and has yet to break the budget barrier. It’s pretty sad since it has so many stars in it.

Next weekend will be a bit of a blood bath. With three big wide releases in the form of Fast and Furious 6, The Hangover Part 3, and Epic, the movie theaters will run red with blood. But hopefully this will give audiences a chance to branch and perhaps we’ll see less overcrowding in theaters. Along with those big three releases and the three that are out already, it will be a spectacular weekend at the movies Memorial Day Weekend.

(Click the image below to enlarge the chart. All figures are domestic box office.)

Weekend Movie Box Office Results 2013 May 19

Until the next weekend bout, this has been your Box Office Aftermath.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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