Box Office Aftermath: ‘Fast & Furious 6’ Kicks it into First

Box Office Aftermath Fast 6

Topping off Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27, 2013, Fast & Furious 6 left the competition in the dust, leaving the box office battlefield victorious. Box Office Aftermath is an ongoing column dedicated to recapping the weekend’s total ticket sales. Each week, combatants enter the cinematic war zone, bloodthirsty for your cash. But there can only be one true winner. In Box Office Aftermath, we will take a look at the numbers, how previous contenders fared, and provide a brief analysis of the results.

It was a chaotic weekend at the box office with three big new releases and three big movies still in the spotlight. But in the end, it was Fast & Furious 6 that dominated Memorial Day weekend with ease walking away with an unimaginable $117 million domestic gross. It’s not completely baffling that The Hangover Part III did so poorly, but it never stood a chance against the high-octane thrill ride.

Compared to the other movies in the franchise, Furious 6 has the best opening weekend totals for any movie in the series. It’s unfathomable how strong this franchise has gotten; this movie is like the Harry Potter of the car world. Just two years ago, Fast 5 took the world by storm and earned an impressive $86 million its first weekend, with a total domestic gross of $206 million. Fast & Furious 6 looks to beat that record with ease. By the time this movie leaves theaters, this franchise will have grossed over $2 billion worldwide.

On the other hand, The Hangover Part III saw an all-time franchise low taking in $50.26 million over the four-day weekend and $62 million overall since it opened one day earlier; still no where close to earning what the weekend champ had taken even in second place. The Hangover Part II did well its first weekend two years ago, grossing $85 million, but we can credit a lot of fanfare from the first movie to that number. Leaving such a bad taste in fans mouth, we could assume the damage had been done and this movie was doomed to begin with.

Over on the other end of the spectrum with animated pictures, Epic had a good weekend with the kiddies taking fourth place. The only other big hit this year in the animation department has been from The Croods, which lost 1,500 theaters this weekend, most likely due to EpicThe FernGully rehash was able to gross a respectable $42.82 million in the four-day weekend, where as The Croods did $43 million in a three-day weekend. Epic is doing far better than Escape From Planet Earth, but I don’t think it has the entertainment value to keep folks interested this summer with Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University coming out soon.

To make room for the new titans on the battlefield, 42, Pain & Gain, and Oblivion also lost over 1,000 theaters while Iron Man 3 has started to lose steam falling to fifth. Star Trek Into Darkness kept audiences entertained in its second weekend earning $47 million and dropping only 32-percent which ain’t too shabby.

The box office did have a nice 66-percent increase in ticket sales over the holiday weekend, which is a great sign for this jam packed summer. Every movie in the top 10 did earn over $1 million, so that’s also a plus. Let’s hope that next weekend will be just as exciting with two more big releases – one of which a new Will Smith movie.

(Click the image below to enlarge the chart. All figures are domestic box office.)

Memorial Day Weekend Box Office Movie Results 2013 May 27

Until the next weekend bout, this has been your Box Office Aftermath.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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