Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’ Final Exam Trailer (60 New Screenshots)

Monsters University Movie Trailer Screenshot Oozma Kappas

With less than a month to go, Disney•Pixar has released one final trailer for Monsters University in less than two weeks after the most recent one. We all know how powerful Pixar is in drawing an audience, but is a new trailer necessary ten days after the release of an already decent one? It’s not a bad trailer, it’s quite good, but could they be overloading fans of Monsters, Inc. with too much footage from the new movie? There is a slight spoiler in the new trailer, which you can find after the break. Watch at your own risk.

Every Pixar movie, in some way, has an emotional core, and this new trailer rightfully demonstrates the squishy direction writer/director Dan Scanlon chose to go with the help of writers Daniel Gerson and Robert Baird – both helped with Monsters, Inc, Scanlon did not. Not much of anything new is shown in this trailer, but there is a nice balance of Mike’s path that we saw from the first trailer and the Greek system shenanigans that was on display in the second trailer.

(Click on any of the images to enlarge)

Monsters University Movie Trailer Screenshot Mike and Sully

It also wouldn’t be a Pixar movie without a meaningful message and here it would seem Monsters University will put a lot of focus on Mike’s story of becoming a scarer. Everyone who has seen Monsters, Inc. knows that Mike doesn’t end up as a scarer, but it will be interesting to see the journey at which Mike takes to discover his true path. Will he become a scarer and decide to take a different route? Watch the trailer below:

As I said, it’s a well done trailer; stitching together what we’ve seen from previous marketing materials, but was it needed?

[Slight spoiler] Why did they have to show young Mike Wazowski? This would have been an incredible reveal for the movie and just left one bit of fun that audiences could have discovered on their own rather than in the marketing material. It takes away the whole fun of introducing Mike and why he wants to become a scarer. It’s just completely unnecessary. [End Spoiler]

Monsters University Movie Trailer Screenshot Dean Hardscrabble

I think there is a lot of stuff jam packed in Monsters University, and I’m excited to see how it will all fit together. For the most part, Monsters University is a rehash of Revenge of the Nerds and the story of two once rivals learning from each other to become friends, like 2009’s Star Trek, so hopefully Pixar will be able to show they can take something old and make it fresh. One of the things I’m most excited for is the introduction of a huge cast of characters. Monsters, Inc. put focus on Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal), Sulley (John Goodman), Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi), Waternoose, and Boo. In Monsters University we have a slew of rival Greek houses, all of the Oozma Kappas, Dean Hardscrabble, and more. I can’t wait to see a wider selection of characters to expand this universe.

Monsters University Movie Trailer Screenshot Jazz Clown

Are you ready to enroll into Monsters University? What element are you most excited to see play out? Greek Week? Scare School? Sulley and Mike’s friendship?

Monsters University enrolls into theaters everywhere in 2D and 3D June 21.

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