‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Character Posters Feature Rogers, Fury, and Black Widow

Captain America The Winter Soldier Character Posters

Summer movie season is almost here. Joking, kind of. This April brings about some of the most anticipated blockbusters of 2014, starting with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel Studios has debuted a few new character posters the feature Captain America (Chris Evans) himself, along with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Check out the hi-res version of each poster along with a combo of the three after the jump.

Sequels are always the darker, character pieces in a series of films typically – The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, The Wrath of Khan – and these posters definitely convey a murkier story than The First Avenger. The teaser trailer for The Winter Soldier definitely approaches the subject matter with a shady government undertone, and the Super Bowl spot this past weekend did not even bother showcasing any of that great humor the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for.

Of course these new posters for The Winter Soldier take on the classic orange and blue color scheme, but not as intense as the most like to indulge in. I think they’re pretty average character posters, but what sticks out like a sore thumb is Black Widow. A gajillion dollars says I’m not the only one who thinks she is overly sexualized in her poster. Sure ScarJo is curvy, but my eye detects some Photoshop work done here. I’m surprised the House of Mouse allowed that one to leave the gate.

She definitely doesn’t have the amount of sex appeal in her character poster for The Avengers like this one for The Winter Soldier is conveying here. My only thought is that they tried to mirror her curves found in the comic books. I don’t think Johannsson needs any help with the sex appeal department and just can’t wrap my head around why they bothered to slim her waist like that. And she also looks pretty stupid in that pose, very non-threatening for such a deadly character.

(Click on the image below to enlarge the poster.)

Here’s a brief synopsis courtesy of IMDb.com:

Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters on April 4, 2014.

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Source: Yahoo! via Cinema Blend

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