Comic-Con 2014: Geek Chic Rules the Catwalk at the Her Universe Fashion Show

Comic-Con 2014 Geek Chic Rules the Catwalk at the Her Universe Fashion Show

This year at San Diego Comic Con, Her Universe, in collaboration with Nerdist and Hot Topic, stepped onto the runway to reveal brand new licensed apparel, while also presenting fans 36 designers competing with their own “geek couture” fashions for the chance to co-design a collection with Ashley Eckstein for Hot Topic. Hit the jump to see the designs and find out who won the first Her Universe Fashion Show. 

According to Her Universe, almost 50% of all sci-fi fans are women. Actress, Ashley Eckstein, is breaking barriers and providing an outlet for those fangirls to wear their favorite “geek” inspired clothing and to finally have a voice in the sci-fi and fantasy community. Her Universe offers a stylish line of women’s only apparel and accessories for fangirls. Further opening the doors for fangirls everywhere, of the designers, we saw some amazing looks come down the runway, but a few really stuck out!

(Click any of the images below to enlarge)

First, designer Lauren Bregman blew our minds with her beautifully crafted “Effie’s Trinkets” gown inspired by The Hunger Games. The detail corset covered in butterflies was a show stopper right off the bat. Bregman is an award-winning designer with the renowned Castle Corsetry. Although not the winner, Bregman’s design was a winner in our eyes, coming in as a definite favorite.

Not only was this next designers piece absolutely stunning, but it happens to also be my favorite movie. “Bryzah (Mystique)” by Oseas Villatoro, inspired by Mystique from the X-Men, was a dress you’d see on the red carpet. Not only did he hit the mark on his character role, but the “geek couture,” exotically glamorous gown was impeccably designed. Villatoro’s passion for design and fashion shows through his work. Oseas comments that “fashion will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind. Born to struggle between wisdom and madness between dream and reality in our edgy mind.” And we have to agree.

The fan favorite, and one of ours too, Andrew MacLain’s “Regina’s Curse” gown and coat, inspired by Once Upon a Time, were astonishing. When we first saw his design, we were thrilled to see such a beautiful coat, and then we were floored in his transformation between the gorgeous coat and a jaw-dropping gown. The transition truly made the piece one-of-a-kind. This stunning and beautiful design was chosen as the audience’s winner. Andrew will be joining Her Universe and Eckstein in creating a line at Hot Topic, be on the lookout for his amazing craftsmanship.

These were just three of the amazing designs we saw go down the runway. Some of our “honorable mentions” were:

  • Leetal Platt’s “Dalek Wedding Dress”
  • Cressie Lewis’ “The Hobbit Wedding Gown”
  • Betsy Waddel’s “Loki Evening Dress”

The winner, in the eyes of the judges, was Great Skirt, Marty! by Amy Beth Christenson inspired by Back to the Future. The judge’s honorable mentions were Dalek Wedding Dress by Leetal Platt inspired by Doctor Who and The Hobbit Wedding Gown inspired by Cressie Lewis by The Hobbit.

The Her Universe Fashion Show truly showed us to “Dream your world. Be your world. And Flaunt your world.”

And if that wasn’t enough for attendees, there was an after party featuring a performance by punk pop rockers All Time Low.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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