TeeHee: Fifty Shades of Frozen Mashup Trailer

Disney's Frozen 2013 Movie Trailer Elsa and Hans

For the first time in forever, we haven’t had a good Frozen mash up in quite some time. But with the recent release of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, you’re in luck. Mixing the highly beloved Disney animated property with one of the most talked about erotic “romance” novels of the last decade will sure to have you giggling like a little school girl. You can find the little trailer mashup trailer after the break.

Thanks to YouTube user Tranceart Violeta, we’ll never look at Frozen the same way again. I always knew that the shut in Princess Anna had a bit of a naughty side to her. You build up all that pent up angst and sadness that she’s bound to venture off into curious territories. The best part is that both characters are named Anna/Ana.

So where does Olaf come into the mix? Is he stroking his carrot in the corner while watching Anna and Hans do the deed? The trolls are probably filming the whole thing too. And I won’t even bring Sven into the conversation, that’s just wrong.

For the uninitiated, here’s the official ploy synopsis for Fifty Shades of Grey:

When Anastasia Steele, a literature student, goes to interview the wealthy Christian Grey, as a favor to her roommate Kate Kavanagh, she encounters a beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating man. The innocent and naive Ana, startled to realize she wants him, despite his enigmatic reserve and advice, finds herself desperate to get close to him. Not able to resist Ana’s beauty and independent spirit, Christian Grey admits he wants her too, but in his own terms. Ana hesitates as she discovers the singular tastes of Christian Grey – despite the embellishments of success – his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family – Grey is consumed by the need to control everything. As they get close Ana starts to discover Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own desires.

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Source: BuzzFeed

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