Star Wars Celebration 2015: Cosplay Photo Gallery

Star Wars Celebration 2015 Cosplay Photo Gallery

Sadly, I could only attend one day of Star Wars Celebration this year, but I did my best to capture some of the best cosplayers from across the galaxy who converged in Anaheim, CA this past weekend. There were many great variations of Sith Lords and Boba Fetts, proving it’s good to be bad. And we’re even beginning to see the popularity of The Force Awakens grow as some took the liberty to dress up as Rey (pictured above) with what little we’ve seen from the film. See the full gallery of cosplayers after the break.

Observations that occurred:

  • I saw more Boba Fett variations then Slave Leias
  • We need more Sith Samurai combos
  • As much as I enjoy seeing traditional Star Wars cosplay, I love seeing fandom crossovers with Marvel and Disney; it’s exciting to see the creativity
  • Jedis need to start coming up with new variations of their cosplays. I know there are many kinds of Sith Lords and Boba Fett has different kinds of color variations, but come on Jedi, have more fun with it!
  • There never are any male Ewok cosplayers
  • Rey from The Force Awakens is going to be a huge cosplay idea for San Diego Comic-Con
  • Couldn’t escape Frozen, of course
  • Twi’leks are a very popular race to cosplay as
  • That Darth Maul Trooper scared the poop out of that baby

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Cosplay Credits (if I didn’t list you and you want credit for your cosplay let me know!):


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