WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Photo Gallery

WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Photo Gallery

The valiant attendees of WonderCon 2014 arrived to Anaheim, CA in a spectacular display of cosplay this past Easter weekend. No genre or medium was left unturned as cosplayers from far and wide proved their fandom to the fullest. From Doctor Who to Adventure Time to Assassin’s Creed to Star Wars, WonderCon 2014 was a great weekend to be a cosplayer. Check out the full gallery of over 200 images after the break. 

As the pre-cursor to San Diego Comic-Con, WonderCon serves as a scrumptious appetizer for folks hungry for convention season. (Check out 2013’s WonderCon cosplay gallery.) It’s a great convention to test out new cosplay and work out any kinks that may need to be adjusted before the big show this July. But after seeing everyone in full costume this weekend, I would have to say no tweaks would be necessary. (Check out my 2013 San Diego Comic-Con cosplay gallery.)

With most conventions, you’ll find the traditional Star Wars characters; Doctors from Doctor Who; various Disney princesses; Deadpools; Starfleet officers from Star Trek; and the many characters from DC (Harley Quinn and Joker mostly) and Marvel Comics. But as new properties emerge, so do the bounty of characters to be seen, which sparks so much fun creativity.

This WonderCon there were quite the large amount of Edwards from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, 104th Training Corps from Attack on Titan, Elsas and Annas from Frozen; and Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. What stood out to me were the unconventional cosplays like The Cable Guy, the animal mask invaders from You’re Next, fem Totoro, Thraduil from The HobbitThe Animaniacs, Powdered Toast Man, Bat Boy and Hammer Girl from The Raid 2, Sofia the First, and Quiet from Metal Gear Solid 5.

But why am I still talking, you probably haven’t even read this far and have already skipped to the gallery. ENJOY!

(Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the images and begin the gallery)

Seen above: Emily Ong aka The Stylish Geek (Robin); Genevieve Marie Nylan (Daenerys Targaryen w/Three Dragons); Dark Link; Jeremy Apodaca, JillyyMariee, and The Arkhamites; KittenL’estrange, Miss Mina, and V from KeepingItNerdy; Al Abolhassani (Sauron); Ayla Jewel aka SteamPunk Flutterby; Chicken Fett; Catherine & Christina aka Artful Anarchy (Princess Aurora); Karma and Tricksy (Harley and Black Canary); Cyree Buss (Elizabeth and Booker); Sam Skyler (Daenerys Targaryen w/ Dragon Shoulder); Alex Vitelli (Edward AC4); Kyung Kim (Psy); Amanda Lynne, Lauren Bregman, and Chrissy Lynn (Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters); SonderfulDays (Doge); Miranda Turner (Lara Croft); Batman Badguys (Batman Villain Biker Gang); LonsterMash (Boneclaws Wolverine); Courneat Vandercool, Tracy Rage, and Katherine Williams (Powerpuff Girls); Andrew Fulwiler (Six Arms Spider-Man) Michael Len aka M@KA (Trigun); Brandon Hillock (Khal Drogo); Sonja Wheeler aka Sonja Doll (Daenerys in Blue Dress); Leanna Janel aka Lioness (Giselle); Jessica Crouse and Cathy Kutz aka Kozmickitten (Xena and Gabrielle); Sin Fisted (Maleficent); Agents of Cosplay (Various); Kaimcderpsalot, SheikChan, and Lanie (Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender); EllieCosplays (Anna and Hans); Alice aka Gotham Vixzen (Harley Quinn w/ giant hammer); and Hanna Lynn (TuTu Deadpool and Sexy Yoshi)

NOTE: Please let me know if you see yourself and I didn’t list and I will be sure to give you credit for your wonderful cosplaying!

Check out more news from WonderCon 2014 by following the WCA 2014 tag.

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