Zack Snyder Teases First Image of the Batmobile for ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Zack Snyder Teases Batmobile for 'Batman vs. Superman'

As production is set to begin for Batman vs. Superman, the follow up to Man of SteelZack Snyder thought it best to tease fans today with a little Tweet that revealed a part of the new Batmobile. With Ben Affleck taking up the cape and cowl, and essentially rebooting Batman again, what will go into his new ride? See the Batmobile teaser after the jump.  Continue reading


Warner Bros. Delays ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Until 2016

Warner Bros. Delays 'Batman Vs. Superman' Until 2016

Well ain’t that a peach? Just as the cast of the untitled Man of Steel 2 or Batman vs. Superman or whatever you want to call it was gaining headway – Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman – Warner bros. has announced this week that the project has been delayed until 2016. Now with July 17, 2015 freed up, WB has positioned Joe Wright’s Pan, a new live action Peter Pan adventure, to take Batman vs. Superman’s place. However, with its sights set on 2016, the epic DC superhero film may clash with a Marvel Studios release. More on this story after the break. Continue reading

Ben Affleck Officially Cast as Batman in Untitled ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

Ben Affleck Officially Announced to Play Batman

Let it be heard that on Thursday, August 22, 2013 Ben Affleck, Daredevil himself, was officially announced to portray Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the upcoming, untitled Man of Steel sequel aka Batman vs. Superman. Slated to open July 17, 2015, Affleck will be joining Henry Cavill as the two actors will square off when Batman meets Superman in the ultimate showdown of DC superheroes. You can find the full press release after the jump. Continue reading

The 85th Academy Award Winners (Live Blog)

2013 Oscars Live Blog

The big night is here, The 85th Annual Academy Awards live on ABC. All of the red carpet madness begins at 4pm PST today, but the actual ceremony doesn’t begin until 5:30 pm. If you’re late to the party, we’ve got you covered. I’ll be live blogging throughout the whole show just so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. See all of the winners as they are announced live, right here, at Turn The Right Corner. Continue reading

27 Greatest South Park Cameos

Total Film has come up with a greatest hit list of the 27 best cameos on South Park. With stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, George Lucas, Mel Gibson and more how is South Park not the best show on television? Just see them all right here at Total Film!