Comic-Con 2014: Her Universe Fashion Show and After Party with All Time Low

Comic-Con 2014 Her Universe Fashion Show and After Party with All Time Low

Her Universe will be taking over San Diego Comic-Con with a one of a kind fashion show event. For one night, Thursday, July 25, geeks will rule the runway with a special after party performance by All Time Low, hosted by Hot Topic. Check out all the details on how you can attend after the break. Continue reading

TeeHee: Harry Potter Rap Battles and More Funny Videos

I’ve got a collection of some great Harry Potter videos I’ve stored up because I’ve been way too lazy to write about and post them. I’ve got everything you need for a post HP fix now that you’ve probably seen the movie 18 times. Voldemort shows his softer side, Harry Potter ends differently, a Rebecca Black parody, a wizard rap battle between Gandalf and Dumbledore, and the final farewells from the cast, crew, and J.K. Rowling.

Check out all of these amazing videos after the jump!

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