Hey I Got 5th Overall At Oscar.com!

So over at Oscar.com they had a little contest of trivial knowledge of Oscar history throughout the last month along with a ballot that would count for points as well. During the Academy Awards they also had live trivia that added more points and if your ballot had the right winner you would receive more points. Well……I got fifth overall some how and I don’t know how. It was pretty ridiculous. I did answer the questions everyday and I followed along all night. And my name was shown on the website. Woot! That’s pretty cool and I got some screen caps of the score. My final score was 46,371 with first place being 49,685. I was so close, but oh well. I got in fourth at one point into the night, but I slipped up some where.

You can check out my score among the top 10 after the jump!

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The 82nd Annual Academy Awards Winners (Live Updates)

Tonight is the big night and I’ve got the live updates of the winners as they come. The 82nd Academy Awards will take place on tonight, Sunday March, 7th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood with a live telecast airing on ABC starting at 8PM (EST) / 5PM (PST) and hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

Hopefully we’ll see the deserving winners, fun performances, great tributes and memorable moments. This was an amazing year of film and this should be a night that will be remembered in Hollywood. A great solo tribute to the late great John Hughes will also be done, which I am pretty excited for. ALSOOOO A SALUTE TO HORROR FILMS!!! Should be a great night.

And the Oscar goes too……

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My 82nd Annual Academy Awards Oscar Predictions

Tonight marks the 82nd Annual Academy Awards and will be the biggest night in film all year. It’s been a long time coming and who will land on top of this ridiculous year of film? With record breakers, e-mail controversies, and amazingly original stories, this night is going to be very interesting to see the outcome. I’m pretty excited, are you?! Well here are my predictions as I see them, I’m probably right, just saying you know………But seriously, hopefully I’m right because I’ll get some pretty cool prizes with my predictions with all the contests I entered. With out further ado……

And the Oscar goes to……

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The 82nd Annual Academy Awards Nominations

The complete list of nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards have been announced today (oscars.com). The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unveiled their nominees this morning in the wee hours. It was a great “Christmas” present to wake up to read. This is the first year since they have had 10 nominees for best picture since 1943.  Many obvious nominations, but many surprises that make me happy.

The 82nd Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, March 7th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood with a live telecast airing on ABC starting at 8PM (EST) / 5PM (PST) and hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

Read on for the full list of 2010 nominees.

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Who is excited for Tuesday February 2, 2010, because this is an exciting day?!? Lost starts it’s final season ever and the Academy Award nominations are revealed! What a glorious day for TV and Film, woot woot! Get excited!

The 67th Annual Golden Globes Winners (Live Updates)

It’s been a long road to the Globes this year. With so many incredible films and breaking moments in cinema, it is hard to just pick one winner. The 67th Golden Globe Awards will be telecast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California TONIGHT, Sunday, January 17, 2010 by NBC with the pre-show starting at 6pm CST and the awards ceremony is from 7pm-10pm CST. The ceremonies will be hosted by Ricky Gervais,and are being broadcast live for the first time. I will be giving you an updated winner’s list as they are announced tonight.

The Golden Globe Awards are presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to recognize outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry, both domestic and foreign, and to focus wide public attention upon the best in motion pictures and television.

And the winners are…………

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Box Office Battlefield: ‘Julie & Julia’ and ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’

battle field

Once again it is Friday and here are the movies that are being released for the weekend of August 7, 2009:

Julie and Julia – (Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, Chris Messina) This one looks like it could be either a hit or miss. On one side you have great actors performing a unique story based on true events. On the other hand, it just looks kind of boring. This story takes a look into the lives of two women in two different times. One is Julia Child, who becomes a famous cook and the other is Julie Powell who starts a blog about cooking all of Julia Childs’ creations in a year and blogs about it. Directed by Nora Ephron (You’ve Got Mail & Sleepless in Seattle), you would think it would not disappoint, but I have hopes that it should be a good little movie that could inspire you to follow your dreams. See it/rent it.

Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock – (Jimmy Bennett, James Spader, Kat Dennings) Must be below four feet tall to enter. A story about a bunch of kids who stumble upon a “rock,” from what the trailer suggests is a small alien craft, who grants the wishes of the children and get into some adventures. This movie is just one of those little kids movies that whisk you away from reality and excite little kids imaginations. Jimmy Bennett seems to be getting a lot stardom since being in the Amityville Horror Remake, Star Trek, Orphan, and now this. For some reason this is directed by THE Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Til Dawn, Sin City, Grindhouse), but I guess he dips his foot in the water of kids movies like Spy Kids 1-3. If you have kids this would be one to see I suppose. Rent It/Skip It

A Perfect Getaway(Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant) A new horror film about a two newlywed couples on their honeymoons in Hawaii who encounter murderers who stalk and hunt them. There is a supposed twist that will shock you and the last twist I saw (Orphan) that they claimed was shocking, I was actually impressed. It looks like it could be exciting and not as bland has a slasher gory bloodfest, so it should impress. With actors like Jovovich and Zahn, it should be well played. See it.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra – (Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols) The beast is out and takes over where Transformers: ROTF left off being the Hasbro toy movie of the Summer. Just what we need is another toy movie that is over the top and gaudy. Big actors, in a big explosion movie, with what looks like a weak plot. Although it could be a good origin story and something new instead of a remake or a sequel, this looks like eyes area already rolling out the door. I’d see it just to see what they did with it, but its nothing I would want to run out the door to get in line first. See it/rent it.

Cold Souls (LA/NY release) – (Paul Giamatti, Emily Watson, Dina Korzun) This looks like a unique and funny little dramedy. Paul Giamatti plays himself as an actor who is struggling with anxiety over a the production of a play. He stumbles upon a New Yorker article about a high-tech company promising to alleviate suffering by extracting souls. When the stress of the play is over he seeks to retrieve his soul back only to find out it was traded off to somewhere else in “soul-trafficking.”. Paul goes on an adventure to get back his soul to feel again. See it when it comes to your area.