The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2 Begins February 10

The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2

The wait is finally over. Season 3 Part 2 of The Walking Dead begins tomorrow, Sunday, February 10 on AMC. After the adrenaline rush witnessed in the first half, we can only expect things will get better; or in the case of the survivors, worse. After the jump, check out a one-minute preview trailer of season 3 part 2 along with some screenshots and promo images. Continue reading

Rewatch the First Two Seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’ in Black and White

The Walking Dead TV Show Black and White

That’s right folk, AMC is looking to rebroadcast the first two seasons of The Walking Dead in black and white. Taking a page out of the comics’ playbook, fans can relive classic moments from the show only enjoyed by those who read the books. After the jump, see the full schedule of when the episodes will air. Continue reading

AMC Hosts Live Stream of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Premiere Episode for Dish Subscribers

The Walking Dead Season 3

As a DISH Network subscriber, you should be well aware right now, thanks to AMC, watching the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead is not an option through the service. But fear not, AMC has your back! In response to DISH taking away everyone’s favorite zombie drama series, AMC is offering all DISH subscribers a special live stream of the premiere season three episode on Sunday, October 14. Continue reading

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Begins October 14

The Walking Dead Season 3

Everyone’s favorite drama about a group of dead people fighting off zombies in a post-apocalyptic world is returning October 14 at 9pm ET/PT on AMC. That’s right folks, The Walking Dead season 3 will begin in less than a month. With the looming backdrop of the prison at the end of season 2, fans of the comics knew that it was time for the Governor, one of the most wretched, revered, and celebrated villains to have ever been written – not just in comics, but of all time. What else can you look forward to? Find out after the break! Continue reading

Must Watch: ‘The Walking Dead: Torn Apart’ 6 Episode Web Series

The Walking Dead Tor Apart AMC Webisodes

Before you watch tonight’s season two premiere of The Walking Dead, you must watch this awesome six-part web series that is a small prequel to the first season. If this doesn’t satisfy your hunger for flesh eating roamers than you’ll just have to hold your pants on for a few more hours until 9/8c tonight on AMC when The Walking Dead lurks back onto the small screen. Continue reading

Are You Ready For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2?

The Walking Dead Season 2 Teaser Poster

We’re less than one week away until the premiere of The Walking Dead’s second season and who could honestly not be thrilled about that? With as much hype as the first season brought on, it has been one year too long since the last season aired. I’m ready for some more fleshing eating horror drama! Continue reading

Saturday’s Schedule for The San Diego Comic-Con 2011

If you ever wanted to let your geek flag fly high and proud than Saturday is your day! On Satruday, the San Diego Comic-Con will house a full array of anything you could ever ask for in a convention. From discussions on the future of comics to the inspirational words of Joss Whedon, this day is your day. You can learn how to draw in one room and learn about the future of Avatar: The Legend of Korra in another. Panels will discus videogames, anime, manga, steampunk, and so much more. I’m still really really pissed I wasn’t able to get a badge for this thing.

The ever so infamous Hall H will be graced by the presence of FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA as he presents his panel on his new film TWIXT! How ridiculous is that?! Unfortunately the bigger guns like The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and Superman: Man of Steel are not making a big presence, if any, at the con, but you will be getting previews of Snow White and the Huntsmen, Dorothy of Oz, Knights of Badassdom, and Immortals. Even Kevin Smith will be in Hall H.

So check out the entire line-up for Saturday after the jump and be sure to check out the schedules for Thursday and Friday too!

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Every Zombie Death from the First Season of AMC’s The Walking Dead

Did you find The Walking Dead as interesting as I did? Then perhaps you would love to see this awesome clip video created by YouTube user Landstrider. Without withholding any of the gory details check out the one minute video with about 70 zombie deaths after the jump!

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First Look at AMC’s The Walking Dead!

Jason aka Hercules, from Ain’t it Cool News, snapped some pictures from his bedroom window overlooking the set of AMC’s adaptation of The Walking Dead directed by Frank Darabont and based on the comic book written by Robert Kirkman. Hercules writes, “I shot these photos from my bedroom window. My building overlooks the set for The Walking Dead. A friend suggested I send these on to you guys. Hopefully you guys can use these. Let me know what you think and I will send along some more.” AMC also released a photo of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, the main protagonist. The six-episode first season expects to start this October on AMC! Check out these first look photos after the jump!

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