Brand New Teaser Poster for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Teaser Poster The Amazing Spider-Man

A brand spanking new teaser poster for The Amazing Spider-Man popped up very recently and the theme of next year’s superhero movies seem to be black and white. First The Dark Knight Rises earns a brooding dark teaser poster and now this one from Sony for Amazing Spider-Man. I gotta say it works though. You can’t deny it. This is a very well made poster with a great tagline that peaks my interest.

It’s not everyday that a reboot comes along that is within a decade of the original. The only one I can recall is The Incredible Hulk, which is a good example of how a reboot can impressively improve upon the original. When it comes down to Spider-Man though, there are some big shoes to fill when you are trying to reboot a franchise that has collectively gained over two-billion dollars worldwide in box office ticket sales.

Without Sam Raimi behind the helm, we are going to get a brand new take on everyone’s favorite web-slinging hero. And based off this tagline, “the untold story,” I am intrigued to find out how different they are going to make Peter Parker’s origins. I don’t think I am going to hate it because after what Marc Webb did (500) Days of Summer I believe in his directing abilities.

I have never read the Ultimate Spider-Man comics that this universe is based off of, but with no more Mary Jane ginger in the picture, one is to wonder how things will work out with blonde-haired Gwen Stacy. I’ve been completely OK with Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man garb since he first appeared in it awhile back. Check out the first teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man if you are interested to see everything come together.

The design for this poster is perfect. It says so much in such a simplistic way. I love the new design of the spider too. It is just the perfect teaser for a highly anticipated movie.

Click the image to enlarge:

The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Poster

The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb, is set to release next year, July 3, 2012 in 3D and 2S starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, and Denis Leary.

Thanks to SuperHeroHype for the picture.

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