First Official ‘Men In Black 3’ Movie Trailer, Posters, and Screenshots

Men In Black 3 Movie Trailer

It may have come 10 years late, but Men In Black 3 has finally arrived. Some of the props seen at Comic-Con this year can be seen in the first official trailer that was released this week. It looks like the same old shtick, but I like that we are finding more about the past of the MIB agency.

The very first Men In Black will always hold a special place in my heart. It was something extraordinarily different, it had witty dialogue, and it was fun. Essentially it was Ghostbusters with aliens. It was a cool version of The X-Files. The opening sequence to the first film was just so fresh and unexpected and it set the tone for an amazing movie for the late ’90s (feeling old now).

For the first Men In Black 3 trailer, we are not given a refresher, and it isn’t really needed, but the series seems a bit stale. The first movie came out in ’97 and MIB 2 came out in ’02. Ten years later we complete the trilogy and this time we experiment with time travel.

My first reaction is, “cool, another MIB film, I wonder how they’ll make up for the last one.” I mean the last one was mediocre at best, if not, bad, but is there any gas left in the tank? Kids who saw these movies have grown up and may have no more attachment to the series. The 3D fad is dying slowly, but the 3D elements look like they were thought out pretty well. Only time will tell how it will go.

What I’m curious to see is if they explore the early stages of the MIB and how everything came to be. I really want to see the relationship between Agent K, Jack Jeebs and Frank the Pug in 1969. I know the trailer gives more questions than answers, but if Agent J just goes back just to find Agent K just to find him and nothing more is explored in the past then the writers are wasted a lot of good material. But if the writers were smart they will have all the cool things that make up the mysterious MIB agency. One of the writers of Tropic Thunder helped write the screenplay for this movie, so I have confidence in their abilities.

Watch the first official trailer for Men In Black 3 below:

The first two teaser posters also came out recently (click on the images to enlarge):

Men In Black 3 Movie Poster JMen In Black 3 Movie Poster K

Also, check out some of the screenshots I nabbed from the trailer (click on an image to enlarge):

Thanks to Film Drunk for bringing this trailer to my attention firs and Screen Rant for the movie posters.

Men In Black 3 will hit theaters Memorial Day, Monday, the 28th of May in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Rip Torn, and Josh Brolin.

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