First Official ‘Men In Black 3’ Movie Trailer, Posters, and Screenshots

Men In Black 3 Movie Trailer

It may have come 10 years late, but Men In Black 3 has finally arrived. Some of the props seen at Comic-Con this year can be seen in the first official trailer that was released this week. It looks like the same old shtick, but I like that we are finding more about the past of the MIB agency. Continue reading

Movie Titles Said Within Movies

Whenever I hear the title of the movie spoken within the movie I always have the urge to say, “DING!” Sometimes movie titles within the movie can be used as a great device for comedy i.e. Hot Tub Time Machine, but most of the time it is either an idea or it just references the plot in some certain way. YouTube user, honsco, has edited a great little video with 81 films that utilize their title within itself. Check out the fun video after the break!

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Men In Black III: To Be Written by Tropic Thunder Scribe


Hollywood Reporter & Variety both state that Etan Cohen, writer of Tropic Thunder, will take on the task of writing the script for the sequel Men In Black III. There is no reports on whether or not Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones or director Sonnenfield will be returning. They hope to get this project under way by Spring of 2010.