‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Continues the Bombardment of Teaser Trailers

American Horror Story Asylum Taste Teaser

The header picture could not describe the marketing tactics of American Horror Story: Asylumany better. They are literally stuffing it down our throats now. I originally joked and asked, rhetorically, if they would be delivering a new teaser every day until the premiere of the second season, but I didn’t think they actually would. We now have thirteen teaser trailers thus far. Watch the newest five after the jump! 

What began as a strong tease, introducing us to the next series of frights, American Horror Story: Asylumappears to want to drive us insane with these teasers until the premiere on October 17. I don’t know if that’s the point, but come on, these are becoming a little silly. In one of these trailers all we see is a stupid sewing machine running. Sigh. All of this build up better be worth the interesting story it has laid out for us.

I would have thought that they would stop after introducing the cast of Asylum to us, but nope, we aren’t that lucky. The first few teasers were great with a somewhat distinct point to them, but these new ones are just borderline unnecessary. Let’s take a look at the ridiculous display of marketing AHS has for us this time.

What you are about to witness is “Taste,” the first of five new teasers available from AHS: Asylum. This teaser probably makes the most sense out of any of them. It reaches to those with the fear of pills. It asks the question, do you trust what you are taking? It may be the most thought provoking of them all.

Up next is “Bandages.” Assumably, many inmates of asylums attempt suicide, which is why they were committed. It looks like she is literally getting pulled straight into the asylum off-screen because of the wounds on her wrists. It’s whatever I guess, nothing too creepy about it.

This next teaser is where we begin to just sink to a new low. Oh look, when you poke the leg with a fork it turns colors! Woo hoo? What’s spooky about that? How does this teaser relate to the context of the asylum? I suppose you could go as far as to believe that the inmates are going to be poked, prodded, and studied to see what makes them tick until they are lifeless human beings… but even that is pushing it.

“Stitches” is just plain dumb. What significance does this sewing machine have, seriously? I saw a lot of people sewing in the old folks home in Happy Gilmore, is this what the patients will be up to inside the asylum, making wallets? I’m sure Murphy has something weird planned with a sewing machine, but with how ominous this trailer is, I can’t see this really doing anything for audiences than lose our interest.

The last video brings us back to “Blue Coat,” the second teaser of the series. We see our penguins are up to no good. The black dressed nun sets down her bucket of goodies and then we watch some patient hugging her face. Could they be prepping her for some sort of sick ritual with whatever Lily Rabe will be bringing to the asylum with her meat buckets? This one is entitled, “Save Us,” which is the creepiest one out of the five here. But who are we saving you from, yourself or something worse?

American Horro Story Asylum Save Us Teaser

American Horror Story: Asylum stars Adam Levine, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Chloë Sevigny, Joseph Fiennes, James Cromwell, and Jessica Lange. It premieres Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 10pm EST on FX.

Source: American Horror Story Facebook Page

One thought on “‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Continues the Bombardment of Teaser Trailers

  1. I am a fan of all of the teasers; each one leaves me wanting more. I believe that even the seemingly pointless ones hold vital clues to the season. The sewing machine for instance, seems to allude to the mysterious Bloody Face creating one of his masks. I for one am ecstatic about this new season. I do agree that they should space out the release of the teasers. But, nonetheless I am still counting the days until the premiere.

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