Sony has Big Plans for February 20, 2013

2013 PlayStation 4 Announcement February 20

Since the beginning of the New Year, the gaming industry has been abuzz with talks of next generation consoles. With Nintendo taking the step onto the battleground first with the Wii U, Sony and Microsoft have yet to fire back and unveil their own next gen consoles. Come this February 20, Sony plans to announce something very special that many believe will be the PlayStation 4.

In the minds of Sony executives, Christmas, New Years, Kwanza, and every other holiday has been rescheduled for February 20, 2013 – let’s hope April Fool’s Day is excluded. The PlayStation has always been the console to revolutionize the gaming industry as far as hardware is concerned. The PlayStation 3 is a very powerful system, so what can we expect to see from the PS4? Watch the teaser video below to begin your countdown to the announcement:

Would Sony really try to hype something up this big and not announce the PS4? Most recently, a prototype PS4 controller has been leaked and the Wall Street Journal claims the system is due this fall. The teaser website has been releasing videos about the history and evolution of the PlayStation, what better way to carry onward into the future than to give the people a new console. With only a few days until February 20, this has to be leading up to the PS4.

At the beginning of the year, Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for XBox Live, set a countdown clock for E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). We can only infer that his excitement is geared toward the reveal of Microsoft‘s next gen system as well. Months away until the illustrious event, it looks like Sony may have the upper hand with this early announcement.

Depending on how big of a bomb Sony drops on the industry this Wednesday, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft reacts and whether they will choose to cut their countdown short.

What do you think the big announcement will be? What are you looking forward to most with the PlayStation 4?

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