‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Super Bowl Trailer Features Dinobots (28 Screenshots)

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Teaser Trailer Grimlock

It has begun. Bayhem struck Super Bowl 48 last night in an all too familiar fashion. Glimpses of Transformers: Age of Extinction shook the foundation of summer blockbusters as moviegoers were given their first look at Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots, in action. No matter how many times Michael Bay disappoints us, he always knows how to hit that sweet spot; and it looks like June 27 can’t come soon enough. Check out the teaser teaser and 28 hi-res screenshots after the break.

In all of Michael Bay’s Transformers films he has proven time and time his ability to create brilliant action sequences we’ve never seen before. It’s quite remarkable really. And no matter how completely asinine these films are he always finds a hook that is too enticing not to be curious; and we’ll always hate/love him for that. And with this first teaser for Age of Extinction, Michael Bay has upped the ante once more with Optimus Prime with a giant sword, riding on the back of Grimlock and unnecessarily smashing through walls. (Changes pants.)

Only few words are exchanged in the trailer below, leaving it up to our imagination as to what the plot is about. It’s more than refreshing to see a Transformers film without Shia LeBeouf or John Turturro. Age of Extinction rains chaos down on the Yeager family, Cade (Mark Wahlberg) and Tessa (Nicola Peltz). How they have found themselves in this predicament is unclear, but they better be ready for a wild ride.

In such a short amount of time, so many questions are raised. Who is the new big bad Lockdown? What are his intentions. In the Transformers lore he is a bounty hunter, but in the Transformers world Michael Bay has dreamed up is he a Decepticon or are the Decepticons a whole different threat? Whose ships are those flying down from orbit? They look very Quintesson-esque, the creators of the Transformers themselves. Is the Transformer whose head turns into a gun Lockdown or is that perhaps Galvitron, the evolved version of Megatron? And how do the Autobots discover the Dinobots? We know part of the story takes place in China and it definitely looks like that’s where Optimus is riding Grimlock, but how do we get to that point in the story? Ehren Kruger is the screenwriter again, as he was for Dark of the Moon and assisted with Revenge of the Fallen, so I am not going to hold my breath in hope that all of this will tie together smoothly.

(Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge the images below)

Here’s a brief plot synopsis of Transformers: Age of Extinction courtesy of IMDb.com:

A mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons – and a paranoid government official – on them.

What do you think of Grimlock, will he be as awesome as he seems in this teaser?

Also starring along with Wahlberg and Peltz are Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, T.J. Miller, Li Bingbing, Sophia Myles, and Titus Welliver. Transformers: Age of Extinction will hit theaters this summer on June 27.

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