Comic-Con 2014: The Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit and Batfleck Cape and Cowl

Comic Con 2014 Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit Mural

In celebration of his 75th Anniversary, DC Entertainment has dedicated their booth this year to all things Batman. The caped crusader was on full display with all kinds of props, art, and other memorabilia from the past 75 years. They even had on the floor the cape and cowl that Ben Affleck will wear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check it out after the break.

It’s always fun to see characters lifted from the pages of your favorite comic books and portrayed on the big screen – unless it’s Ghost Rider – and this museum of Batman costumes and props from all of the films was pretty cool of DC to let loose on the showroom floor. I grew up watching the Tim Burton Batman films starring Michael Keaton thankfully, and so seeing it up close was a treat. All the other Batsuits from Batman Forever, Batman and Robin – yes the Batnipples – and The Dark Knight trilogy were out on display as well.

They even brought a lot of the villain costumes, including Anne Hathway’s Catwoman mask, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman mask and whip, Tom Hardy’s Bane mask, the Joker’s goons’ masks, and even Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow mask. They must have forgotten Arnold Schwarzennneger’s Mr. Freeze costume on the other truck.

As you can see in the gallery below is Ben Affleck’s cape and cowl – the image after The Dark Knight Rises statue. It feels like your traditional Batman look, but with smaller ears. The cowl seems to be attached to the cape like Michael Keaton’s and it definitely fits the look of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which is what Dawn of Justice is loosely based on.

Out of everything I saw, I honestly have got to say the 75th Anniversary mural is the coolest thing I saw throughout the entire booth. They did show a demo of Batman: Arkham Knight and that was pretty badass though.

(Click on the images below to enlarge)

Check out the other unique and awesome booths from our previous exhibit gallery from preview night, and stay tuned in for more SDCC news as it comes in.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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