Comic-Con 2015 Events and Parties Calendar

Preview Night: Wednesday Comic-Con 2015 Events

Friends of Comic-Con Preview Night Meetup [@ 8:00 am]
Where: The Broken Yolk downtown Cost: Pay for your own Breakfast (RSVPs closed)
The Friends of Comic-Con Forum are having their annual pre-Comic-Con meet up on the morning of Preview Night. Forum members will have the chance to hangout and meet each other to discuss their excitement for SDCC and prepare for the long weekend.

Hop-Con 3.0: The w00tstout Festival [@ 7:00 pm]
Where: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station Cost: $75-100 ($45 for DD)
w00tstock’s annual celebration of nth-degree beer geekery is back for a third round. Join them for a release party large enough to match this year’s Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout. Hop-Con isn’t about awkward handshakes, high-fives, selfies and autographs – just general and rampant merriment and geeky celebration full of great food and awesome craft beer. As always, they’ll have surprises planned. This year, they’ve added 45% more space to the festival. Whatever could we do with that? Hmmmm…you’ll have to wait and see.

Hitfix Comic-Con Kick Off Party [@ 9:00 pm]
Where: Hotel Solamar Cost: Invite Only’s annual Comic-Con soiree

Game of Bloggers Meet Up San Diego Comic-Con

Game of Bloggers [@ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm]
Where: Dragon’s Den Cost: Free
The first Game of Bloggers Meet Up hosted by Crazy4ComicCon. San Diego Comic-Con is so much more than just seeing an amazing show, it’s an opportunity to join forces with allies, meet revered social media warriors and forge new life changing alliances. After Preview Night, Crazy4ComicCon invites you to revel with the Nerd/Geek/blogger/YouTube/Social Media/Photography/Comic-Con community- as well as fellow fans.

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