‘Dexter’ Season 7 Premieres Sunday, September 30

Dexter Season 7 Teaser

Dexter, everyone’s favorite anithero returns to the small screen tomorrow, Sunday, September 30 at 9pm ET/PT. Longtime fans of the show have been waiting for what’s in store for this season and it’s about damn time. All of this build up, everything we have gone through with the Bay Harbor Butcher, has finally led up to this moment. How will Dexter get out of this one? Continue reading


‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Begins October 14

The Walking Dead Season 3

Everyone’s favorite drama about a group of dead people fighting off zombies in a post-apocalyptic world is returning October 14 at 9pm ET/PT on AMC. That’s right folks, The Walking Dead season 3 will begin in less than a month. With the looming backdrop of the prison at the end of season 2, fans of the comics knew that it was time for the Governor, one of the most wretched, revered, and celebrated villains to have ever been written – not just in comics, but of all time. What else can you look forward to? Find out after the break! Continue reading

64th Primetime Emmy Creative Arts Award Winners List

64th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award Winners

Since there isn’t enough time in the day and attention to give to showcase every single Primetime Emmy Award, the less important awards are thrown into the “Creative Arts” category and are given out a week before the main show. After the jump, check out all of the awards for sound, make-up, animation, special effects, etc. Continue reading

64th Primetime Emmy Award Winners

64th primetime emmy awards winners

Tonight, the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards air live on ABC at 4pm PST hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. For those of you who cannot make it at the beginning or have no interest in watching the Emmys and would like to know the winners later on, I will be bringing you live updates during the event. Continue reading

An Old Face Returns in ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ – Four More Teasers Released

What was one of the most oddball television series of last year, American Horror Story had a few aces in the hole, one of which was Frances Conroy. As Moira O’Hara, Conroy played one of the most tragic figures that I found to have the best depth out of anyone on the show. Luckily, it was recently announced that she would return to play a part in Asylum. Find out who she is playing and watch for more teasers after the jump! Continue reading

NBC Universal Looks to Rebrand G4 by 2013

G4 TV Rebranded by NBCU

The day of seeing cat videos on television on a daily basis are about to end. Today it was announced that NBC Universal, owners of G4, would be rebranding the network from geek to chic. This new rebranding effort looks to position the station with an emphasis of a more upscale gentleman’s channel – with content and a feel that you would find in GQ. What began in April of 2002, as a gaming channel, evolved into one of the leading aggregates of geek pop culture, technology, gaming, and memes on the boob tube and the Internets. It is a sad day for nerd culture my friends. Continue reading

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan (1957-2012)

Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54

It is many a tragedy to hear of any one at a young age like Michael Clarke Duncan to pass away at 54, but although his passing is terribly depressing, we must remember him for all of the incredible work he has done. Most notably known for his works in The Green Mile and Armageddon, Michael Clarke Duncan was that lovable, hulking black man that captivated audiences through his immensely strong on-screen presence (there is no other actor who could replace him). Today we lost a great, kind-hearted actor who will forever be missed. He had endless potential and a great range of work that will carry on forever. More on the story after the break. Continue reading

Will AMC Convert Dish Subscribers In Time For ‘The Walking Dead’?

AMC Zombie For President

Dish Network subscribers who love AMC, I feel your pain. Losing your favorite station can be tough, I know, I was distraught when DirecTV dropped G4. If I were to lose AMC, I would probably switch my current cable subscriber immediately. No longer are you able to watch Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men. Where will you go to for classic movie marathons like “Mob Week” or “Fearfest”? This current war AMC is waging against Dish is not unwarranted, but will their messages be heard in time for the fall release of The Walking Dead? Continue reading

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Return to Television this September

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

Never in my life would I believe my eyes when I found out that Jason Biggs, the one we all know as the pie molester from American Pie, would be the voice of the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Back in my hey day, TMNT was my go to cartoon, next to The Real Ghostbuters, Transformers, and of course 90s Nickelodeon. Revitalizing the franchise for the umpteenth time, the turtles are back in an all new CG-animated series on Nickelodeon. Continue reading

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Character and Story Teases

American Horro Story Asylum

The first time I heard about American Horror Story, I was more excited about the development of this project than Leatherface creating a new mask. When the series debuted on FX last year I had hope, but as the show progressed that hope turned to doubt, confusion, anger, and finally at the end, mediocre content.

After American Horror Story was approved for more seasons I found myself in a furious uproar, especially if we were to continue with the bi-polar, unrelatable Harmon family. Eventually announced as a mini-series, meaning we would see a different story each season, I was please to hear we would get a fresh new start. This new beginning takes us into the deepest parts of a 1960’s insane asylum. Continue reading