The Best and Worst Films of 2011

The Best and Worst Movies of 2011

OK, now I know this is a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNG time coming, but I finally have gotten the stamina and motivation to complete these lists. I may be seven months late, but you know what, there’s always movies someone hasn’t seen and they are always looking for a fresh perspective. (Heck, The Artist just released to home video a week or so ago.) Some of these being hardly a year old I figure there’s still no expiration date for reviews! I still thoroughly enjoyed the movies on my “best of list.” It may be a bit more unconventional than your average film junky’s, but I think this is quite the list none-the-less.  Continue reading

2011: A Year Of Entertainment In Review

Movie Theater Popcorn

What a year in entertainment it was! Not only was it a record breaking year for movies – 27 sequels were released in 2011  – but there has been a lot of crazy happenings in television as well. We got some great popcorn flicks – Tranformers: Dark of the Moon, X-Men: First Class, and Rise of the Planet of the Apeswe saw the final Harry Potter film, Breaking Bad season four was nucking futs, Community was put on hiatus til Spring of 2012, and we were introduced to American Horror Story.

I myself sat down to partake in the viewing of a lot of entertainment this year, but not as much as I would have liked. Again, I had tried to fulfill a year of more films to knock off my shame-list, but sadly I was overtaken with more real-world priorities and a very inconsistent work schedule. How much media did I watch this year that I have never seen before? I kept track, so take a look! Continue reading

Surrender Your Wallet To Hollywood, A 2011 Summer Movie Guide!

Going into the third weekend of May, the 2011 Summer movie season has been in full swing. Some would say that this year has been so packed full of high intensity big budget blockbusters that the Summer movie season started in March.

There is no doubt that 2011 has had some pretty thrilling and explosive movies before now with Battle: Los Angeles, Sucker Punch, Rango, Fast Five, Source Code, Hanna, and Scream 4, but the real heavy hitters have only just begun.

Summer movies can be pretty formulaic in terms of their content: bigger explosions, glossy cinematography, incredible scores, and big name actors, but looking past the stereotypes, the Summer of 2011 will absolutely rape your wallet in my opinion. I believe there won’t be a single weekend where I won’t be visiting the theaters until mid August.

Be sure to check out the full schedule of movies coming out this Summer after the jump!

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