Those Lovable ‘Minions’ from ‘Despicable Me’ Now Have a Teaser Trailer (108 Screenshots)

Despicable Me Minions Movie Trailer

Last week Universal Pictures revealed the details for the Despicable Me spin-off movie, Minions. And now we have our first teaser trailer that puts everything in perspective. If you’ve loved the Minions in the two Despicable Me films, this teaser is as adorable as you would come to expect. Watch it after the break. Continue reading

Official ‘Birdman’ Trailer Sparks a Comeback for Michael Keaton [66 Screenshots]

Birdman 2014 Movie Michael Keaton Riggan Thomson Screenshot 22

Hitting a little close to home is Michael Keaton’s latest film, Birdman. Based on an aging actor’s life, whose past credits consisted of a sought after superhero franchise, Riggan Thomson is looking to make a dramatic career shift to prove he’s more than his costumed counterpart. You can watch the trailer and check out a handful of hi-res screenshots after the break. Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘Need for Speed’ Fails to Deliver Anything of Value Past the Promise of Real Stunts

Need For Speed Movie Review

Launched in 1994 on PlayStation, Need for Speed the video game was praised as the most realistic racing simulators at the time. As one of the most successful game franchises ever created, the series would spawn 19 sequels over the next two decades, and now a live-action movie. Super Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Max Payne, Doom, and Silent Hill have all been given the Hollywood treatment, with little to no success. Suffices to say, Need for Speed does not raise the bar for video game movie adaptations. Continue reading

Groovin’ With Ken and His Viral Toy Story 3 Marketing

With more and more admiration towards animated films, I am definitely digging this viral marketing campaigns for Pixar’s Toy Story 3. An interview of Ken the doll (voiced by Michael Keaton) and his dating tips, show a sort of adult side humor to these toys. They are pretty fun and if you had doubts about the direction of these new characters, specifically Ken, then I suggest you check these videos out. Pixar storytelling seems like they are going towards more adult themes like Up or Wall-E, while still maintaining their childlike wonderment. The highly anticipated Toy Story 3 will be released in theaters this Friday, June 18 in 3D, 2D, and IMAX 3D. Check out Ken as he gives you tips on getting the girl and more insight into his life as a Ken doll after the jump!

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